MK Aspect Brushed Stainless Steel

MK Aspect grid modules and plates are slim and stylish with a discreet profile. MK aspect modules and plates, complete with a brushed stainless steel finish. The range is slim and stylish with a discreet profile, allowing the modules and face plates to effortlessly integrate into the style of your home. Provides switching to lights, emergency lights, dimmers, washing machines, cookers, fridges and many more. Suitable for use in homes, offices, retail and commercial properties.

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  1. Image of MK Grid K4500WHILV Low Voltage Grid Dimmer
  2. Image of MK Grid K8822ALM Box 2 Gang No Knockouts
  3. Image of MK Grid K8821ALM Box 1 Gang No Knockouts
  4. Image of MK Grid K3708ZIC 1 Gang Architrave Grid Frame
  5. Image of MK Grid 900ALM Box 6X32mm Knockouts
  6. Image of MK Grid 898ALM Box 6X32mm Knockouts
  7. Image of MK Grid 825ALM Box No Knockouts
  8. Image of MK Grid K4981WHI 10A DP Switch White
  9. Image of MK Grid K4896WDWHI 20A DP Waste Disposal White
  10. Image of MK Grid K4896WDRWHI 20A DP Washer Dryer White
  11. Image of MK Grid K4896WDAWHI 20A DP Warming Drawer White
  12. Image of MK Grid K4896WCWHI 20A DP Wine Cooler White
  13. Image of MK Grid K4896PHWHI 20A DP Plinth Heater White
  14. Image of MK Grid K4896NWDWHI 20A DP Neon Waste Disposal White
  15. Image of MK Grid K4896NWDAWHI 20A DP Neon Warming Drawer White
  16. Image of MK Grid K4896NPHWHI 20A DP Neon Plinth Heater White
  17. Image of MK Grid K4896NHRWHI 20A DP Neon Heater White
  18. Image of MK Grid K4896NFNWHI 20A DP Fan Grid Switch Neon White
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