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We have all seen smart homes in shows such as Grand Designs, but few of us realise how easy it is to transform our own home into something just as sleek and modern as the ones on television.  

Lutron controls and lighting give you the tools to make the change.  

Lutron allows you to control the lighting in your home at the touch of a button, setting the correct moods for work and play.<p><br>With a range of timers and sensors as well, Lutron gives you the tools to keep your home or property secure.  Whether creating a pth of light from the car to home or giving a sense of occupancy when you are not at home, Lutron has the solution for you.

Below is a selection of Lutron items, but we happy to quote on any of their range for any project you might have.

Please note, Lutron orders generally take 5-7 days to fulfill.

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