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Megaman Lightwave

Megaman Lightwave is a partnership between Megaman and Lightwave RF bringing you a revolution in lighting, heating and general control of your home. Want to turn your lights on whilst you are away? It's done. Want to lock the plug slcoket after 10pm so the kids cannt play anymore video games? It's done. Megaman Lightwave may look like ordinary dimmers, valves and sockets but they will change the way you live forever.

You can introduce Megaman Lightwave into your home on a room by room basis, so why not try it out in one room first and enjoy the revolution. Soon, the whole household will want to be a part of the fun. You can control the system either through an app on your iphone or Android (wifi connectivity required) or simply via remote control. Should you require manual control, you can simply use the dimmers and switches.