Philex TV signal boosters are available in 2, 4, 6 and 8 way models and amplify UHF, VHF and FM/DAB radio signals. Quick and easy to install, these aerial amplifiers benefit from built-in 12V line powering o masthead preamplifiers.

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  1. Image of Philex TV Signal Booster 4 Way Digital BypassAlifies UHF
  2. Image of Philex 4 Way TV Signal Booster 27820HSG
  3. Image of Philex TV Signal Booster 6 Way Digital BypassAlifies UHF
  4. Image of Philex TV Signal Booster 8 Way Digital BypassAlifies UHF
  5. Image of Philex 6 Way TV Signal Booster 27823RG
  6. Image of Philex 8 Way TV Signal Booster 27824RG
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