Smoke Alarms

"Early warning of a fire can provide valuable minutes that can save lives" - London Fire Brigade.

Aico are the market leading brand in fire detection. At Electricpoint we stock the complete range of Aico smoke alarms which includes battery and mains operated detectors, all with a variety of features to cater to both landlords and homeowners. Interconnect all the alarms in the house using SmartLINK and RadioLINK technology to set off all the alarms in the event of a fire.

Which Smoke Alarm?

Detector TypeRoom TypeHow Does it Work?
Heat Kitchen, Garage Detects rise in room temperature above 58°C, no false alarms from burnt toast!
Optical Hallway, Landing, Living Room, Dining Room Fast alarm response from slow smouldering fires.
Ionisation Bedroom Fast response to flaming fires, highly sensitive to small particles of smoke
Carbon Monoxide Any Room with a Boiler, Stove or Open Fire Warning of gas from faulty boilers, fires and stoves.
Optical & Heat Hallway, Landing, Living Room, Dining Room, Bedrooms Responds well to all fire types from fast flaming to slow smouldering
Heat & Carbon Monoxide Kitchen, Garage Warning of gas from faulty boilers, fires and stoves. Detects rise in room temperature above 58°C

Which Smoke Alarms are Wireless?

Building regulations require the use of mains powered alarms in every house, and for them to all be interconnected. Aico's RadioLINK technology allows you to wirelessly interconnect up to 12 detectors, using a radio frequency mesh which creates an interlinked network that will not be broken if the contact is lost from an alarm. SmartLINK provides live text alerts and notifications via the App (IOS, Google Play). Access detailed reports from a desktop computer for information on faulty alarms, low batteries, end of life, and maintenance records, infact, the system was originally designed for landlords and propery records. To enable all the SmartLINK features, each property will need a SmartLINK Ei1000G gateway

For more help see our Smoke Alarm Guide. Need a quote? Drop us an email or give us a call 0203 994 5470 we supply both the public and trade.