Lumi-Plugin is a forward thinking, innovative lighting manufacturer. Specialising in the production of LED Downlights, Lumi-Plugin has developed a wide range of products, applying cutting edge design to remove ceiling clutter for a more minimalist, stylish aesthetic. Combining a unique modular design within their signature downlight, Lumi-Plugin has integrated a number of traditionally bulky safety and energy efficiency must haves including Heat, Smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarms as well as PIR Detectors and Emergency Lighting Modules

If you just need some help, would like to take advantage of our Price Promise or perhaps have a large order to place. Give our team of professionals a call on 0203 994 5470, drop us an email at or use our Contact Form.

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  1. Image of Lumi-Plugin LS110WHMBWHA Battery Powered RF Heat Alarm
  2. Image of Lumi-Plugin LS110WHMBWSA Battery Powered Smoke Detector
  3. Image of Lumi-Plugin LP110WH4KMBWSA 8.5W Smoke Alarm Downlight 4000K
  4. Lumi-Plugin LP110WH3KMBWSA 8.5W Smoke Alarm Downlight 3000K
  5. Image of Lumi-Plugin LP110WH4KMBWHA 8.5W Downlight Heat Alarm IP20 4000K
  6. Image of Lumi-Plugin LP110WH3KMBWHA 8.5W Downlight Heat Alarm IP20 3000K
  7. Image of Lumi-Plugin LP110WH4K 8W Cool White Downlight IP65
  8. Image of Lumi-Plugin LP110WH3K 8W Warm White Downlight IP65
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