Quantum Cylinders

Intuitive Smart Energy Water Storage Vessel. Dimplex Quantum water heating cylinders are the most-advanced direct-electric water cylinders on the market as they deliver long life, low maintenance hot water supply. Providing mains pressure hot water for fast filling baths and powerful showers. Featuring advanced controls with feedback on hot water availability, so no more surprise cold showers! Ideal partner to the Quantum space heaters.

Dimplex RF models are compatible with the Dimplex Control App, so your water heating from your smartphone or tablet over Wifi. *Requires Dimplex Hub with Wifi/Ethernet.

  • Fully compatible with all tap fittings
  • Slimline design
  • Unvented cylinder give high flow rates
  • Surface mounted thermostats
  • Light and easy to handle when installing
  • Includes inlet safety group and external expansion vessel
  • All connections accessible from the front
Model NoAvailability OutputDimensions (HxDia)Dimplex App Controlled
QWCd125-580 Out of stock 7.1kWh 945x580mm No
QWCd150-580 Out of stock 8.8kWh 1115x580mm No
QWCd210-580 Out of stock 12.7kWh 1490x580mm No
QWCd250-580 Out of stock 15.3kWh 1765x580mm No
QWCd300-580 Out of stock 18.4kWh 2065x580mm No
QWCd125-580RF In stock 7.1kWh 945x580mm Yes with Hub
QWCd150-580RF In stock 8.8kWh 1115x580mm Yes with Hub
QWCd210-580RF In stock 12.7kWh 1490x580mm Yes with Hub
QWCd250-580RF In stock 15.3kWh 1765x580mm Yes with Hub
QWCd300-580RF In stock 18.4kWh 2065x580mm Yes with Hub

If you are considering a larger order, give us a call on 0203 994 5470 or email us at sales@electricpoint.com.

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Electricpoint are proud to be an official Dimplex partner and leading nationwide distributor

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