1. Why buy a Pod Point EV charger?

    In this blog we aim to answer the main questions associated with Pod Point EV chargers including why buy a Pod Point, what is a Pod Point and how much does it cost to charge an electric vehicle with a Pod Point at home.

    What is a Pod Point? 

    Pod Point EV chargers are safe, dedicated chargepoints which are installed on electrical circuits specifically designed for the purpose of handling car charging loads. Pod Point chargers charge electric vehicles much quicker and more safely and conveniently than a 3-pin plug. Available in a range of outputs, Pod Points are suitable for domestic, workplace or public installation.

    Why Buy A Pod Point?

    As one of the UK's leading providers of EV charging solutions,

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  2. What is the Difference Between Type 1 and Type 2 EV Chargers

    With so many options on the market it can be confusing to work out which EV charging cable you need for your electric vehicle, so we've made this guide to take the confusion out of choosing the right EV cable.

    Just as there are different types of fuel for fossil-fuel cars, there are different types of chargers for electric vehicles. Most EV cars in Europe are now Type 2, but some, especially those from Asian manufacturers are still Type 1. It is important to ensure you know which type your car is before you begin looking to buy a charging cable. You can check this in your manufacturer's guide, by contacting the manufacturer itself or by checking this handy guide on the Pod point website.

    Let's look at the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 EV

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  3. Changes to the Government OLEV EVHS Grant

    Changes to the EVHS are due to come into effect in April 2022.

    The Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme currently provides a 75% contribution (or up to £350 inc.vat) towards the purchase and installation of Electric Vehicle chargers at their home. Currently requirements inlcude that the customer owns, leases, or has ordered a qualifying vehicle and has dedicated off-street parking at their property. The customer must alsouse an EVHS installer who will check the customer's eligibility for the scheme and make an application on their behalf.

    However, from April 2022, the EVHS will no longer be open to homeowners(including people with mortgages) who live in single-unit properties. This includes bungalows and detached, semi-detached or terraced houses.

    Installations in single-unit properties must be completed by 31 March 2022 and claims submitted to the Driver

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  4. Which Dimplex Heaters are WIFI Compatible? Everything You Need to Know About Dimplex Control


    Exciting future ahead for electric heating

    The need for smart electric heating and water heating is becoming ever more present. To meet this demand, Dimplex have future proofed their heater range by releasing the ‘Dimplex Control’ App. For a number of years Dimplex Control has been rolled out to the flagship ranges, including Quantum RF storage heaters, Edel RF Water Cylinders

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  5. What is Aico HomeLINK?

    HomeLINK is a multi-award-winning high-tech software platform that uses home integration and analytics to help landlords reduce operating costs and improve resident safety. HomeLINK provides landlords and residents with a range of benefits including:

    • Insights into mould risks, causes and recommendations
    • Fuel proverty indication
    • Real time energy efficiency performance
    • Smoke and CO alarm event alerts
    • Reduced responsive repair call-outs
    • Reduced maintenance and repair costs with early intervention
    • Reduced calls and visits to customers
    • Optimised investments
    • Room for revenue growth with new services
    • Improved indoor air quality/li>
    • Energy bill savings
    • Detection of void properties

    How Does HomeLINK Work?


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  6. The New Law Regarding Electric Vehicle Charging Points

    Installation of electric vehicle charging points will be a legal requirement for all new buildings from next year, the Prime Minister has announced.

    What Is The New Law Covering Electric Vehicle Charging Points About?

    With the majority of EV charging currently taking place at home, the government has stipulated that all new homes as well as workplaces, supermarkets and other buildings - including those undergoing large scale renovations - will be subject to the new law.

    The new law surrounding electric vehicle charging points is being introduced in a bid to help the UK to achieve its aim of switching the country to electric cars and banning the sale of all new petrol or diesel cars by 2030. The installation of more charging points across the country and particularly having an electric charge point at home will be extremely beneficial to owners of new cars from popular manufacturers such as Jaguar, Volvo and Ford who plan for all their cars to be electric from

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  7. How Does a Heat Pump Work & Will It Save Me Money?

    Home heating is responsible for almost a third of the UK's greenhouse gas emissions with 78% of UK households using gas to heat their homes. The UK government has committed to reduce emissions to zero by 2050 and plans to achieve this are already being implemented.

    Boris Johnson has recently announced a government grant to encourage people to replace their gas boilers with energy efficient, low carbon heat pumps. You may never have heard of heat pumps as an option for heating your home before, so in this article we aim to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about this method of heating.

    How Does a Heat Pump Work?

    Heat pumps create a low carbon heating system which works without the need to burn fuel. Heat from external air is simply transferred and compressed in order to generate more heat. This explains why heat pumps are a more eco-friendly heating method and why they can continue to provide heat even when temperatures drop

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  8. How to Set Up a Dimplex Quantum Heater

    how to set up your Dimplex Quantum heater

    This guide demonstrates how to set up your Dimplex Quantum heater and adjust the settings to suit your requirements manually. The latest Quantum heaters can be controlled via the Dimplex Control App when used with the Dimplex Hub. This allows you to control your heating remotely at any time, from anywhere with a Wi-Fi or mobile data connection.

    Setting Up a Dimplex Quantum Heater:

    To begin, ensure the heater is turned on at both wall switches. It’s best to keep these switches on constantly. This means that t

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  9. What is Economy 7 Tariff

    Updated 9th July 2020

    What is Economy 7

    The Economy 7 tariff, also known as the differential tariff, offers you cheaper rates of electricity for a 7 hour period at night. Depending on your provider, your access to the tariff is generally between 12-7am, but this can vary by a couple of hours either way. To get this installed you will need a specialised meter fitted, which can be tracked separately.

    Who will benefit from Economy 7?

    While this could save some people up to 47% on their energy bills, it’s not the right option for everyone and this is dependent on your lifestyle. If you run a central heating system or have electric radiators it won’t make any difference to your energy bill, as you are likely to need these running during daytime hours. However, if you have a hot water tank or have storage heaters, this is the ideal option, as they can heat up during the night using cheaper energy, ready for

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  10. What Is The Quietest Extractor Fan?

    There are many factors to consider when choosing which extractor fan is best for your bathroom including the extraction rate and type of operation. However, finding the quietest extractor fan is crucial to ensuring that you can use the fan whenever you need to. Nothing is worse than lying in a hot bath with a noisy extractor fan disrupting your opportunity to relax. Likewise, using the bathroom when people in the house are asleep can become an issue if the extractor fan is too noisy.

    The table below sets out a selection of our quietest extractor fans which are popular among customers who are looking for low noise ventilation solutions.

    Extractor Fan Range/ModelExtraction Rate (l/s)Decibels dB(A)
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