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Guide to 18th Edition Wiring Regulations

Friday, 25 October 2019 09:30:48 Europe/London


Need to know more about 18th Edition Wiring Regulations?

We know that it can be difficult keeping up to date with new regulation. Therefore, we've provided a handy guide to some of the new wiring regulations that came into force since January 2019.

Download the Guide Here: Wylex 18th Edition Wiring Regulations Guide

Browse the latest 18th Edition Consumer Units & Accessories:

Wylex 18th Edition Consumer Units

Wylex 18th Edition MCB's

Wylex 18th Edition RCBO's

Posted By Allan Wicks

New Smart Electric Heating from Dimplex

Friday, 18 October 2019 11:13:29 Europe/London


Exciting future ahead for electric heating

The need for smart electric heating and water heating is becoming ever more present. To meet this demand, Dimplex have future proofed their heater range by releasing the ‘Dimplex Control’ App. The App is being rolled out to all their leading ranges including the brand-new Quantum RF storage heaters, Edel RF Water Cylinders and Quantum RF Water Cylinders

What can the new app do?

The Control App allows users to control multiple heaters and locations, adjust the temperature or heating mode, spot faults, set a timer and track your energy usage. Even better, you can control your heating while you are on holiday from your smartphone or tablet. Each heater will be connected through the Dimplex Hub and controlled by the Control App. All heaters except the Quantums will require the RF module to be connected to the App.

What about the existing heaters being sold by Dimplex?

If you have brought an existing Dimplex panel heater, we have been told that the heaters (Q-Rad, Monterey, Girona, Saletto, PLXE, PLXENC and LSTE) will be ready for use with Dimplex Control. Before it is compatible, your panel heater will be required to have a software update via an App. This is expected to be ready to download in 2020.

For more information, click here: https://www.electricpoint.com/heating/electric-heating/what-is-dimplex-control.html

Posted By Ellis Peters

Marshall-Tufflex 100% Recyclable Trunking

Environmental Sustainability is currently more important than ever, and Marshall-Tufflex are leading the way with eco-friendly plastic cable trunking. Their conduit, maxi, and mini trunking lengths are all made from 100% recycled materials! At Medlocks we care deeply about sustainable production, and we are more than proud to be supplying these game-changing products. The best thing is Marshall-Tufflex have been making PVC ducting this way for years, so it’s the same amazing quality as always!

For more information go to: https://content.yudu.com/web/69r/0A19ww8/EWJULY2019/html/index.html?page=26&origin=reader

Posted By Charlie Cochrane

Need a guide on new Lot 20 Dimplex and Creda Products?

Tuesday, 19 September 2017 14:09:09 Europe/London

Confused on the new Lot 20 EcoDesign Products? Check out our product conversion guides for Dimplex and Creda.

Still confused? Give us a call we are only to happy to help. We are fully up on the new regulations coming into force in January 2018.

Posted By Allan Wicks

What is Lot 20 and EcoDesign Compliant Controls?

Monday, 14 August 2017 13:01:07 Europe/London

EcoDesign complaint heating controls. Technincally known as Lot 20 is one of a number of "product lots" which are part of the 2012 Energy Efficiency Directive (EED 2015/1188), we have already seen similar changes to light bulbs, washing machines and televisions.

“All local space heaters manufactured for sale in the EU after 1st January 2018 which use electricity, gaseous or liquid fuels, must comply with a minimum efficiency standard. This includes electric radiators, electric underfloor heating and electric and gas fires.”

Very basically this means all new heaters from 2018 will have to have built in smart EcoDesign complaint controls with features that include:

  1. 24 hour or 7 day Timer Control. This could be an integral programmer or wireless through a smartphone app with WIFI connectivity.
  2. Thermostatic Control. Accurate room temperature measurement by an electronic thermostat.
  3. Smart Delayed Start Control. Open door or window recognition technology reduces wasted energy when a thermostat detects a drop in temperature the heater will choose when to provide heat.

Want to know more detail? Check out our Lot 20 Ecodesign Complaint Controls article.


Posted By Electricpoint

Think your house is secure?

Friday, 28 October 2016 10:06:20 Europe/London

The nights are getting darker so home security is a hot topic. Everyone seems to have little tricks to make their home more secure like hiding keys in weird places or storing valuables in hard to reach places. Compare the market surveyed a lot of people to understand what people think of home security. They were actually able to overturn some of the assumptions people make. For instance, 23% of people store their valuables in their underwear drawer but this makes it one of the first places burglars look.


Also, we know that electronic alarm systems will deter criminals but we didn't think that a gravel driveway would be off-putting. Experts in the field say that the noise of a gravel driveway will make an experienced thief choose somewhere else.


Here's the article with more myths and facts about home security.

Posted By Atom 42

How to choose an air conditioner

Monday, 22 August 2016 20:27:07 Europe/London

The British summer this year has been generous with long and warm days. In order to anticipate the next heat wave that’s about to hit us, Electricpoint can give you a few tips about how you can choose the best air conditioning system for your needs.

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Posted By Atom 42

Replacing an old fan with a Vent-Axia Lo Carbon Tempra

Thursday, 16 June 2016 18:29:03 Europe/London

It’s not every day that we need to choose and install a new fan in our houses and for this reason that can be quite a tricky DIY task. Don’t be afraid, Electricpoint is here to help you!

First of all, let’s talk about buying a new fan. There are lots of brands in the market with very different price ranges, but the truth is that very few of them have the same performance as the Vent-Axia.

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Posted By Atom 42

How to wire a plug

Thursday, 21 April 2016 15:45:31 Europe/London

Wiring a plug is one of those DIY activities that seems silly and simple to do, until you actually try to do it, right?

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Posted By Atom 42

The Economy 7 Tariff

Monday, 22 February 2016 16:32:40 Europe/London

If you’re in the market for a new heater, you may have heard of the benefits a storage heater can offer you. By storing energy during the cheaper night rates so you can use exactly how much you need during the day, a storage heater could save you up to 47% on your energy bills compared to a conventional electric heater.

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Posted By Atom 42
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