Consumer Units

We stock most makes and sizes of a consumer unit fuse boxes, whether you are looking for a pre-populated board, empty enclosures or stand alone garage units. We also have information on the new 18th Edition regulation changes. This useful guide on 18th Edition is a great read if you need to know more - 18th Edition Guide

The range of consumer units include:

  • High Integrity Split Load Metal Consumer Units
  • RCD Metal Consumer Units
  • Main Switch Metal Consumer Units
  • Skeleton Consumer Units
  • Garage Consumer Units

Need some inspiration on what consumer unit to buy? Take a look at our popular Wylex 5 Way Main Switch Consumer Unit or Hager 10 Way High Integrity SPD Consumer Unit. We also provide a full range of MK Sentry Consumer Units, providing easy installation, cost-effective prices. As one of the largest electrical wholesalers we deal with tradesmen every day, feel free to call us on 0203 994 5470 or email us

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  1. Image of Lewden 6 Way Main Switch Consumer Unit PRO-MX08M
  2. Image of Lewden 2 Way Main Switch Consumer Unit PRO-MX04M
  3. Image of Lewden PRO-MX08R 6 Way RCD Consumer Unit
  4. Image of Lewden 2 Way RCD Consumer Unit PRO-MX04R
  5. Image of Hager VML91214CU High Integrity Consumer Unit 26 Way
  6. Image of Hager VML91214H Split Load Consumer Unit 26 Way
  7. Image for MK
  8. Image for MK
  9. Image for MK
  10. Image for MK
  11. Image for MK
  12. Image for MK
  13. Image for MK
  14. Image for MK
  15. Image for MK
  16. Image of Hager VML966RK High Integrity Consumer Unit 12 Way Type A RCCB
  17. Image of Hager VML955RK Split Load Consumer Unit 10 Way Type A RCCB
  18. Image of Hager VML916CURK High Integrity Consumer Unit 16 Way
  19. Image of Lewden Garage Unit 2 Way 2x MCBs IP2XC 100A 2P Main Switch
  20. Image of Lewden Garage Unit 2 Way 2x MCBs IP55 63A RCD
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