What is Dimplex Control?

Dimplex Control. The very latest "internet of things technology" for Dimplex heaters. The principle is to control your heating and hot water anywhere, anytime with the Dimplex Control App. Requires Dimplex Hub connected to Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

With the release of their Series B heaters, Dimplex have vastly expanded their range of WIFI Compatible heaters to include Quantum RF Storage HeatersQuantum RF Water Cylinders and Edel RF Water Cylinders, which only require the addition of a Dimplex Hub. Whilst QRADE, PLXE, Monterey, Girona, Saletto, and BPH Towel Rails require a Dimplex RFM Module alongside a Dimplex Hub.

What about the existing heaters being sold by Dimplex? We have been informed that all Series A panel heaters are future proofed for use with Dimplex Control. Before they are compatible, the panels will be required to have a software update which will be available via a Bluetooth app. This is expected to be available in 2022. We will update our information when we recieve more exact timings.

The Dimplex App allows users to group individual heaters into zones which can be easily controlled, adjust the temperature or heating mode as required. You can also spot faults and control multiple locations all from the Dimplex App. Download the App for Android (Google Play) or for IOS (App Store).

Did you forget to turn off the heating when you left to go on holiday? Need to set a minimum temperature for frost protection? With the Dimplex Control App you can anywhere, anytime at the touch of a button.

Key Features of the Dimplex App:

  • Zone control. View and adjust heating modes
  • The app features a step-by-step setup wizard. Set up your zones and connect to Dimplex heaters quickly all from the app
  • Hot water control. Requires a compatible Dimplex Quantum Water Cylinder QWCd
  • View Energy usage by heater, zone or location, hourly, 7 day, 28 day or annual
  • Full Remote access. Completely control your heating anywhere with a mobile data connection
  • Get Support. Find faults and request help using Dimplex service mode
  • Safe and Secure. Built on the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform for reliable data encryption

Image of Dimplex Control App

The Dimplex Control App is compatible with the following Dimplex heaters:

RangeDimplex App ControlledDescription
Quantum RF Heaters Yes with the HUB Dimplex Quantum storage heaters, their best selling storage heater from 500W to 1.5kW.
Q-Rad Electric Radiator Yes with RFM and HUB Dimplex Qrad's or Quantum radiators advanced insulated panel heaters from 500W to 2kW.
Monterey Panel Heaters Yes with RFM and HUB Dimplex MFPE's. The popular Dimplex Monterey's now upgraded from 500W to 2kW.
Girona Panel Heaters Yes with RFM and HUB Dimplex GFPE's. Stylish glass fronted panel heaters in black or white from 500W to 2kW.
Saletto Panel Heaters Yes with RFM and HUB Dimplex LPPE's. Low profile IP rated panel heaters for conservatories or bathrooms,
PLXE Panel Heaters Yes with RFM and HUB Popular panel heaters for domestic and commercial use 500W to 3kW.
PLXENC Panel Heaters No PLXE with "No Controls" suitable for communal areas, schools and hotels.
BPH Bathroom Heaters Yes with RFM and HUB Bathroom panel heater that doubles as a towel rail. IP25 Rated
LST Panel Heaters No Low Surface Temperature panel heaters, ideal for schools, nurseries or retirement homes.
Quantum RF Water Cylinders Yes with the HUB Dimplex Quantum water heating cylinders long life with advanced Quantum controls.
Edel RF Water Cylinders Yes with the HUB Unvented hot water air heat pump for superior electric water heating efficiency.

Check out our blog here for the latest Dimplex Control news and information.

Need further information or guidance, please call on 0203 994 5470 or email us at sales@electricpoint.com

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