Aico Environmental Sensors

Aico Environmental Sensors help landlords to ensure the continued health and safety of their residents by monitoring the temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide status of buildings. The HomeLINK dashboard is an online portal which delivers real time and historical data to provide landlords with clear actionable insights. A resident's app provides tenants with key information such as a healthy home rating, temperature, humidity and CO2 data and advice on improving the health of their home.

Key Benefits of Aico Environmental Sensors

  • Gather data on indoor environmental conditions such as humidity, temperature and carbon dioxide.
  • Sensors can be connected across multiple properties to provide invaluable data readings.
  • Advanced technology constantly interprets the data to provide clear, actionable insights which are available via the HomeLINK dashboard.
  • HomeLINK provides valuable information to landlords to allow them to optimise investment, identify and tackle fuel poverty, improve maintenance and deliver unrivalled service to residents.

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