Wago Connectors

Wago connectors are a range of reliable, solution driven wiring accessories, ensuring that there is a terminal block or connector to suit the requirements of any installation.

A Wago Connector is designed to provide faster, safer and longer lasting electrical installations. These features include simple lever termination and push wire connection terminals, a sturdy transparent housing for visual inspection of wire entry and integrated test slots for use with all standard test probes. These simple, solution driven features help to reduce installation time by up to 50%!

WAGOBOX is the perfect companion for our Wago connector range. We supply Wago 51257303 Wagobox Light Junction Box, optimised to house Wago 224 Connectors, alongside Wago 51008319 Wagobox Junction Box, designed for use with Wago 222 and 773 Connectors. Providing your cable terminations with advanced protection for safer, longer lasting terminations.

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