Deta eVolo EV Chargers

Discover eVolo EV chargers, the ultimate smart, safe and secure EV charging solutions designed for residential and commercial use. Whether you have a single dwelling, communal residence, workplace, or public parking area, eVolo charge points provide reliable and convenient charging options to suit your needs.

Installation is quick and hassle-free, ensuring ease of use for all users. With a focus on quality and security, eVolo charge points guarantee a reliable and safe charging experience, giving you peace of mind while you power up your electric vehicle.

With a solid reputation for delivering product excellence and value for money, Deta has become a trusted supplier in the UK electrical wholesale market. In 2023, Deta Electrical established new sustainability brand, eVolo, to combine its commitment to environmental preservation with its renowned reputation for high-quality electrical products at competitive prices. With a focus on reducing carbon emissions and positively impacting the environment, eVolo utilises cutting-edge technologies to offer eco-friendly solutions.

Experience the convenience, reliability and environmental benefits of eVolo chargers, backed by Deta Electrical's trusted heritage.

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