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Aico Smoke Alarms

Aico Smoke Alarms

Aico heat and smoke alarms are synonymous with quality. They last the longest of the alarms we've tested and they're so simple to install.

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Aico is the brand of choice, the market leaders in smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detection, manufactured within the European Union and adhering to the very latest UK standards and regulations for fire, smoke and carbon monoxide protection. Aico are renowned for using the very latest technology with clever interlinking capabilities such as SmartLINK or AudioLINK, this ensures all the detectors form a safe network to create a clever fire detection and early warning system.


• SmartLINK detectors when combined with the Aico Ei3000MRF module enables a wireless interconnection for up to 12 alarms and devices, if one detector is triggered all the alarms will sound.


• AudioLINK detectors connect to an smartphone or tablet App providing valuable information such as battery status, sensor status and detailed logs on alarm events.


EI Smoke alarms save lives and with prices starting at under £15 for our most popular detector the Aico EI41RC, it’s an investment everyone should make. The latest version of the EI141RC is the Aico EI3016 optical smoke alarm which is suitable for use in bedrooms, hallways and living rooms. Aico heat detectors designed for use in kitchens, by detecting a rate of rise in the room temperature eliminating false alarms. The very latest Aico combined detectors provide two detector types in one excellent for aesthetics and for peace of mind with the enhanced fire detection.

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Detector Room TypeFunction
Heat Kitchen, Garage

Detects room temperature above 58°C

Optical Hallway, Landing, Living Room, Dining Room

Responds to smouldering fires

Ionisation Bedrooms

Responds to flaming fires

Carbon Monoxide Any Room with a Boiler, Stove or Open Fire

 CO detection for boilers and stoves

Combined Hallway, Landing, Living Room, Dining Room, Bedrooms, Kitchen, Garage

Dual sensor alarms for improved detection 


We stock a range of fire protection devices, browse our full range to ensure your home is protected. Electricpoint are happy to supply Aico to both public and trade – we welcome bulk and wholesale orders. Please contact us on 0203 994 5470 or email sales@electricpoint.com with your requirements.

 Aico heat detectors are designed for use in kitchens, by detecting a rate of rise in the room temperature so no false alarms from burnt toast. The latest Aico Aico multi sensor alarms provide two detector types in one excellent for aesthetics and peace of mind, the combined EI3028 detects carbon dioxide and room temperature changes, perfect for a kitchen with a boiler or perhaps a wood burning stove.

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