Aico Smoke Alarms

Aico heat and smoke alarms are synonymous with quality. They last the longest of the alarms we've tested and they're so simple to install.

AudioLINK - "Download the alarm status and event log". Connect your smartphone or tablet via the AudioLINK App (Android / IOS) to your detector and download valuable information such as battery status, sensor status and detailed logs on alarm events. Tailored to private landlords data is transmitted and recorded in the App (a requirement for the Maintenance of Records in England).

RadioLINK - "The easy way to interlink smoke detectors". (Being replaced by SmartLINK see below). By using radio frequency signals it is possible to connect individual alarms without any need for any additional wiring saving time money and mess! Reliable wireless interconnection that will not be affected by Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or mobile phones. Range: 100m in a clear line of sight and 30m through walls.

SmartLINK - "The next generation of RadioLINK providing RF wireless interconnection". All the benefits of RadioLINK with the ability to use the EI1000G SmartLINK Gateway. Compatible with Aico 3000 Series and Environmental Sensors. Connects over GSM network to provide all the benefits of AudioLINK in a dashboard on a laptop or desktop computer or via the new HomeLINK App. Real-time alerts are based on:

  • Triggered Alarms
  • CO Detection
  • Test buttons
  • Mains absent fault
  • Tampering
  • End of life

Battery Powered Detectors - "Save time and money". The very latest battery-powered wirelessly interconnected alarms use the latest battery technology too last 10 plus years, no issues here with any wiring!

Aico Detector Types and Positioning:

DetectorRoom TypeFunction
Optical Hallway, Landing, Living Room, Dining Room Responds to smouldering fires
Heat Kitchen, Garage Detects room temperature above 58°C
Carbon Monoxide Any Room with a Boiler, Stove or Open Fire CO detection for boilers and stoves
Combined Hallway, Landing, Living Room, Dining Room, Bedrooms, Kitchen, Garage Dual sensor alarms for improved detection


We stock a range of fire protection devices, browse our full range to ensure your home is protected. Electricpoint are happy to supply Aico to both public and trade – we welcome bulk and wholesale orders. Please contact us on 0203 994 5470 or email with your requirements.