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Norwegian built panel heaters and heating controls. Creda supply a wide range of stylish heating that will make your home look good as well as keep you warm. Mostly presented in smart white finishes, Creda carry a product for all parts of the home, with towel rails, panel heaters, storage heaters and downflow heaters. Finished in quality metal, you can be sure of a product that will last and serve you well.

Creda also own Nobo Heating we extensively stock the new NFK4N and NTL4N Ranges. Check out some of our top Creda products available at Electricpoint:

TSRE Storage Heaters The low-carbon energy solution to heating your home, cheaper and eco-friendly.
Contour Panel Heaters Contemporary range with advanced controls that ensure precise room temperatures.
TPRIIIE Panel Heaters Stylish space saving and energy efficient panel heaters
CAR Radiators Designer wall mounted oil filed electric radiators for consistent heat distribution

For more options, why not check out our complete Electric Heating Range.

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  1. Image of Creda TSR24NAC Combi Storage Heater 3.4KW
    Out of stock
  2. Image of Creda TSR18NAC Combi Storage Heater 2.55KW
    Out of stock
  3. Image for Creda CDF2NE Bathroom Fan Heater with Timer
  4. Creda CLR12W White Towel Rail 250W 2
  5. Image of Creda CLR10W White Towel Rail 175W
  6. Image of Creda CLR7W Chrome Towel Rail 80W
  7. Image of Creda CLR5W White Towel Rail 100W
  8. Image of Creda CLR12C Chrome Towel Rail 175W
  9. Image of Creda CLR10C Chrome Towel Rail 120W
  10. Image of Creda CLR7C Chrome Towel Rail 80W
  11. Image of Creda CLR5C Chrome Towel Rail 60W
  12. Image of Creda Radiator CAR200 2 kW Electric Heater White
  13. Image of Creda Radiator CAR150 1.5 kW Electric Heater White
  14. Image of Creda Radiator CAR100 1 kW Electric Heater White
  15. Image of Creda Radiator CAR075 0.75 kW Electric Heater White
  16. Image of Creda Radiator CAR050 0.5 kW Electric Heater White
  17. Image of Creda Radiator CAR033 0.33 kW Electric Heater White
  18. Image of Creda TSRE150 Storage Heater 1500W Slimline
  19. Image of Creda TSRE125 Storage Heater 1250W Slimline
  20. Image of Creda TSRE100 Storage Heater 1000W Slimline
  21. Image of Creda TSRE070 Storage Heater 700W Slimline
  22. Image of Creda TSRE050 Storage Heater 500W Slimline
  23. Image of Creda CEP200E 2kW Contour Panel Heater
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