Tubular Heaters

This range of tubular heaters is ideal for warming smaller spaces such as conservatories, workshops and caravans which may also require protection from frost. These waterproof tubular heaters are available in 1, 2 , 3 or 4ft lengths and come complete with brackets for secure wall or floor mounting. Benefitting from safety thermal cutout, the safety of the heaters can be further enhanced with the additional wire guards to prevent burns or damage to the heater itself.

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  1. Image of Tubular Heater 2ft 80W Energy Efficient IP55 Waterproof
  2. Image of Tubular Heater 1ft 45W Energy Efficient IP55 Waterproof
  3. Image of Tubular Heater 4ft 180W Energy Efficient IP55 Waterproof
  4. Image of Tubular Heater 3ft 135W Energy Efficient IP55 Waterproof
  5. Image of Tubular Wire Guard 6ft 1800mm Tubular Heater Single
  6. Image of Tubular Wire Guard 4ft 1200mm Tubular Heater Single
  7. Image of Tubular Wire Guard 3ft 900mm Tubular Heater Single
  8. Image of Tubular Wire Guard 2ft 600mm Tubular Heater Single
  9. Image of Tubular Wire Guard 1ft 300mm Tubular Heater Single
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