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What Size Inline Fan? This is the big question when trying to ventilate any room in the home or workplace. First we need to determine the use. If you need to ventilate a shower room or bathroom for example, then you will need to measure the cubic room size and compare the Inline Fan maximum airflow room rate per hour. This is measured by multiplying the length, width and height of the room, for example a shower room the size of (L)2.5m x (W)2m x (H)2.2m = 11m³. If we compare that with our best selling 4" Manrose Mixed Flow Inline Fan MF100T which has a maximum extraction rate of 245m³, then this means the air within a room will be extracted 23 times in one hour (Max room rate / room size m³), allowing for ample ventilation for multiple showers any time of the day.

A lot of our customers ask are inline fans better than standard wall mounted extractor fans. That depends on your requirements, but Inline fans do have some additional benefits. First of all they are more discreet. Inline fans are installed in lofts or ceiling joist space, meaning the mechanics are out of sight and often also in places where fan noise is less of a nuisance. All you will see from the ventilated room is the duct where air is extracted from. The second biggest advantage is that they are generally more powerful and faster at extracting air, with some inline fans also including a mixed flow feature to create a turbine effect within the ducting, pushing air through the ducting quicker, making these ideal for rooms with heavy shower use, high humidity or with smells that require extraction.

To understand what size inline fan and to work out what ventilation rates are required for your room, see table below.

RoomRoom Rate per hourMinimum Litres per second
Bathroom / Shower Room 15-20 15 L/s
Kitchen 10-20 60 L/s
Kitchen (If Installed within Cooker Hood or 300mm of Hob) 10-20 30 L/s
Utility Room 15-20 30 L/s
Download the Ventilation Building Regulations Information here

Our range of inline extractor fans include Vent AxiaManrose, Envirovent and Airflow and are compliant with building regulations, making them suitable for new builds or replacements.

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To compliment our inline extractor fans, we also provide a range of Airvents and Ducting to give you a complete solution to bathroom extraction. For our budget version, please take a look at our Manrose Shower Fan.

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