Cable Crimps

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  1. Image of SWA 2.5-8IBLF/T Insulated 2.5mm Bootlace Ferrule Grey 100 Pack
  2. Image of SWA 1.5-8IBLF/T Insulated 1.5mm Bootlace Ferrule Black 100 Pack
  3. Image of SWA 1.0-8IBLF/T Insulated 1mm Bootlace Ferrule Red 100 Pack
  4. Image of SWA 0.75-8IBLF/T Insulated 0.75mm Bootlace Ferrule Blue 100 Pack
  5. Image of SWA 0.5-8IBLF/T Insulated 0.5mm Bootlace Ferrule White 100 Pack
  6. Image of SWA Blue Female Push-On Terminal 6.3mm Pack 100
  7. Image of SWA Yellow Insulated Butt Terminals 4-6mm Pack 100
  8. Image of SWA Red Insulated Butt Terminals 0.5-1.5mm Pack 100
  9. Image of SWA Blue Insulated Butt Terminals 1.5-2.5mm Pack 100
  10. Image of SWA Yellow Pin Terminal 4-6mm Pack 100
  11. Image of SWA Red Pin Terminal 0.5-1.5mm Pack 100
  12. Image of SWA Blue Pin Terminal 1.5-2.5mm Pack 100
  13. Image of SWA Red Female Push-On Terminal 6.3mm Pack 100
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