The Airforce hand dryer is one of the best-known hand dryers in the UK. It uses a high-speed motor to force air flow through eleven nozzles, delivering fast drying times at only 17 seconds while using an impressively low power output of just 1.1kW.

An automatic ‘no-touch’ operation on the Airforce hand dryer reduces touch points in your washroom, while the SteriTouch® antibacterial finish helps to prevent the spread of germs.

It also features a replaceable and washable air filter to reduce the amount of fluff and debris entering the motor of this hand dryer prolonging its lifetime.

Available in White, Chrome, and Brushed Chrome finishes, this dryer will blend seamlessly into any washroom.


How many dB is an Airforce hand dryer?

When measured at a distance of 1 meter, the recorded noise level is 79dB. This amount of noise can be likened to the sound of traffic heard from inside a car, a busy restaurant, or a car wash.

What is the recommended installation height for Airforce hand dryer?

The mounting height for the hand dryer will vary depending on the room that it is installed from 32 inches (from floor to dryer bottom edge) in the children's washroom to 46 inches in the men's washroom.

Recommended mounting heights from floor to dryer bottom edge:

Washroom Type Inches Centimeters
Men’s 46 117
Women’s 44 112
Children’s washrooms, ages 4-7 32 81
Children’s washrooms, ages 7-10 36 91
Children’s washrooms, ages 10-12 40 102
Children’s washrooms, ages 13-18 44 112
Handicap Mounting Height 37 94

For all dimensions and drawings download Airforce fixing diagram.

What is the operating cost of Airforce hand dryer?

Using the electricity cost of £0.30 per kW/h, the annual operating cost of an Airforce hand dryer is approximately £99, whereas opting for paper towels would result in an annual cost of around £7,800. For a detailed comparison of hand dryers and paper towels, you can check out our blog post on the topic - Hand dryers Vs paper towels.

Breakdown of operating cost based on 240 working days per year:

Time & Frequency of operation

Uses per day





Per day




Per year




15 secs

Per day




Per year




20 secs

Per day




Per year




To see all other data download Airforce hand dryer datasheet.

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