Our MCB circuit breaker range provides a high level of protection to domestic consumer units by detecting overloads and fault currents and interrupts the supply to prevent damage. We provide a variety of Type B and Type C MCB's that are suitable for the popular consumer units such as Wylex's NH and NM ranges. In addition, we supply a range of Hager miniature MCB's that retrofit existing Hager fuseboxes. 

The range includes:  

  • Wylex MCB SP Type B
  • Wylex MCB SP Type C
  • Hager MTN Miniature Type B

If you need to buy in bulk, we’d be happy to provide a quote. As one of the largest electrical wholesalers we deal with traders everyday, so give us a call on 0203 994 5470 or email us

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  1. Image for MK
  2. Image for MK
  3. Image of Lewden G06-1B50 50A MCB Type B Curve SP 6kA Single Module
  4. Image of Lewden G06-1B40 40A MCB Type B Curve SP 6kA Single Module
  5. Image of Lewden G06-1B32 32A MCB Type B Curve SP 6kA Single Module
  6. Image of Lewden G06-1B20 20A MCB Type B Curve SP 6kA Single Module
  7. Image of Lewden G06-1B16 16A MCB Type B Curve SP 6kA Single Module
  8. Image of Lewden G06-1B06 6A MCB Type B Curve SP 6kA Single Module
  9. Image of Wylex NHXLB06 6A MCB SP Type B
  10. Image of Wylex NHXLB10 10A MCB SP Type B
  11. Image of Wylex NHXLB16 16A MCB SP Type B
  12. Image of Wylex NHXLB20 20A MCB SP Type B
  13. Image of Wylex NHXLB32 32A MCB SP Type B
  14. Image of Wylex NHXLB40 40A MCB SP Type B
  15. Image of Wylex NHXLB50 50A MCB SP Type B
  16. Image of Wylex NHXLC06 6A MCB SP Type C
  17. Image of Wylex NHXLC10 10A MCB SP Type C
  18. Image of Wylex NHXLC16 16A MCB SP Type C
  19. Image of Wylex NHXLC20 20A MCB SP Type C
  20. Image of Wylex NHXLC32 32A MCB SP Type C
  21. Image of Wylex NHXLC40 40A MCB SP Type C
  22. Image of Wylex NHXLC50 50A MCB SP Type C
  23. Image of Hager MTN106 MCB 6A SP Type B
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