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Air Vents & Ducting (21 results)

Ducting systems primary function is to allow damp or moist air to securely exit a building. Controlling water vapour levels are crucial to the control of condensation, which leads to the formation of black mould. Condensation is caused when water vapour comes into contact with cold surfaces and condenses to form dampness or water droplets. Water vapour is invisible in air, its actually formed when you breathe but larger influences when carrying out normal household activities in the home, large contributors to this include drying washing, taking a shower running a bath or even cooking so for example boiling a kettle.


Modern homes are built to conserve energy, this means they have better insulation and doors and windows are draught proofed to stop heat escaping from your home. As a result of this they reduce the ability for water vapour to escape which can increase the risk of condensation.


Please see our popular Greenwood FastFix and EasyFix Ducting options or even our simple range of External Grilles.


For commercial Ducting Systems please see our Vent Axia Range , Greenwood Steel Slimduct or Greenwood Plastic Rectangular Ducting.


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