UK manufactured and reliable. We supply a range of Danlers lighting control systems that are ideal for various rooms and locations. Danler’s popular range of CEFL PIR occupancy switches can be installed in schools, hospitals and offices, but we also offer water resistant versions such as the CESFPIR and CEFLPIR44. We offer photocell switches with dusk to dawns sensors that are perfect for providing security at night. Danler’s microwave sensor light switch is designed for automatic switching of lighting, heating and air conditioning loads. We also stock a range of Danlers time lag switches, which also come in outdoor variants as well.

Lighting ControlDescription
PIR Motion Sensors Wall or ceiling mounted, surface or flush lighting control solutions
Microwave Sensors Integrated retrofit modules, surface and flush mounted solutions
Time Lag Switches Preset lighting schedules or time delay switching, ideal for stairwells, corridors
Photocell Sensors Dusk til dawn light sensor for automatic switching, save energy when not required.


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  1. Image of Danlers PIR Sensor Ceiling Mounted 360 Degree
  2. Image of Danlers PIR Sensor Flush Ceiling Mounted 360 Degree
  3. Image of Danlers TLSW10 Time Lag Switch 1-10 Mins
  4. Image of Danlers CEFLPIR10A Ceiling PIR Sensor 10A 360 Degree Flush
  5. Image of Danlers BMPIR5M PIR Sensor Batten Mounted 5M
  6. Image of Danlers EXTLSW16A 16A Exterior Time Lag Switch
  7. Image of Danlers BMINTPIR10M PIR Sensor Batten Mounted Photocell 10M
  8. Image of Danlers BMPIR10M PIR Sensor Batten Mounted 10M
  9. Image of Danlers BMINTPIR5M PIR Sensor Batten Mounted Photocell 5M
  10. Image of Danlers WACEPIR 6A PIR Sensor 120 Degree
  11. Image of Danlers WAPIR 6A PIR Sensor Wall Mounted 120 Degree
  12. Image of Danlers TLSWA20 Time Lag Switch 2-20 Mins
  13. Image of Danlers TLSW10ILM Time Lag Switch 1-10 mins Illuminated
  14. Image of Danlers CESO PIR Socket for Ceiling Controls
  15. Image of Danlers CESFPIR 6A PIR Sensor Surface 360 Degree IP66
  16. Image of Danlers CEFLPIR44 6A PIR Sensor Surface 360 Degree IP44
  17. Image of Danlers CEFLPIR 6A PIR Sensor 360 Degree Flush
  18. Image of Danlers CEDR6PLR Directional PIR Sensor Ceiling
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