Zano LED Dimmer Switches

Flicker-free and silent solution to LED dimming. Zano LED dimmer switches are versatile and can be installed with many home lighting systems. Zano provides the most innovative digital dimming technology, delivering flicker-free and silent dimming that adapts to as little as 0W and up to 1000W LED loads. Perfect for installation in homes, offices, restaurants and conference rooms.

Features of LED dimmer switches:

  • Does not interfere with WIFI signals
  • Flicker-free dimming
  • Learns and adapts to all LED dimmable lamps
  • Switches to as little as 0W and up to 1000W dimming load
  • Minimum box depth: 35mm

If you just need some help, would like to take advantage of our Price Promise or perhaps have a large order to place. Give our team of professionals a call on 0203 994 5470, drop us an email at or use our Contact Form.

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