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Stylish and eco friendly heating for your home. Dimplex quality at the best prices. With over 60 years in the market, Dimplex heating has established itself as the leading operator in the electric heaters space. Its unparalleled quality, attractive designs and energy efficiency, make Dimplex heating products the most reliable range of heaters available in the market.

Committed to set the highest standards in the heating industry, Dimplex heaters are ISO 9002 approved and are manufactured after strict safety and quality controls. So, when it comes to getting your rooms warm, you can trust Dimplex - one of their convector heaters was even spotted in the Queen's office!

Whether it is for your home or an office, or even a shop you want to keep warm, all of our Dimplex heaters are designed to serve your electric heating needs. Explore our selection to find the Dimplex heater that's right for you:

Heater RangeSpecification
Quantum Storage Heaters The most popular of the Dimplex range, these heaters use up to 27% less energy to run.
QRAD Radiators Sophisticated intelligent radiators with advanced controls.
PLXE Panel Heaters Popular with contractors & homeowners who demand a stylish and efficient heating system.
XLE Storage Heaters Energy efficient cost effective storage heating solution.
Monterey Panel Heaters The sleek finned metal design makes these panels a stylish solution to efficient heating.
Girona Panel Heaters Elegant glass panels deliver fast performance suitable for living areas and bathrooms.
Saletto Panel Heaters Simple and sleek panels with a low profile. Perfect when wall space is limited.
Dimplex Towel Rails Single appliance bathroom solution for drying, airing and warming.
Dimplex Bathroom Heaters Versatile instant heating solution for bathrooms.
Dimplex Air Curtains Provide customers with a warm welcome, space saving overdoor heating solution.
Quantum Water Cylinders The most advanced direct electric water cylinders on the market.
Edel Water Cylinders Uses 5 times less electric than standard water heaters, the future of electric water heating.
Warehouse & Workshop Heating Heating solutions for large and small environments.
Infrared & Halogen Heaters An outdoor heating range to stay warm on summer evenings.


We also provide a wide range of storage heaters and panel heaters brands. Whatever your requirements are, we are here to help! If you have a project enquiry or perhaps a bulk request please get in touch on 0203 994 5470 or sales@electricpoint.com. And don't forget our Electricpoint Price Promise! All our electric heaters at the lowest price you will find online.

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  1. Dimplex Edel EDL170-590 1M Vent Kit 500001044
    Out of stock
  2. Dimplex LST100 Low Surface Temperature Panel Heater Front Photo
  3. Dimplex LST075 Low Surface Temperature Panel Heater Front Photo
  4. Dimplex LST050 Low Surface Temperature Panel Heater Front Photo
  5. Image of Dimplex Edel Hot Water Cylinder Heat Pump 170L
  6. Image of Dimplex Edel Hot Water Cylinder App Controlled Heat Pump 170L
  7. Image of Dimplex Edel Hot Water Cylinder App Controlled Heat Pump 200L
  8. Image of Dimplex Edel Hot Water Cylinder App Controlled Heat Pump 270L
  9. Image of Dimplex PLX750Ti Panel Heater 750W with 24hr Timer
  10. Image of Dimplex CXLS18 2.55kW Combi Storage Heater
    Out of stock
  11. Image of Dimplex ECSD100-580 100L Unvented Hot Water Cylinder Direct
  12. Image of Dimplex ECSD125-580 125L Unvented Hot Water Cylinder Direct
  13. Image of Dimplex ECSD150-580 150L Unvented Hot Water Cylinder Direct
  14. Image of Dimplex ECSD175-580 175L Unvented Hot Water Cylinder Direct
  15. Image of Dimplex ECSD300-580 300L Unvented Hot Water Cylinder Direct
  16. Image of Dimplex ECSD250-580 250L Unvented Hot Water Cylinder Direct
  17. Image of Dimplex ECSD210-580 210L Unvented Hot Water Cylinder Direct
  18. Image of Dimplex QXD4500 4.5kW Quartz Halogen Radiant Heater
  19. Image of Dimplex QXD3000 3kW Quartz Halogen Radiant Heater
  20. Image of Dimplex DXFF20TSN Portable Letterbox Fan Heater
  21. Image of Dimplex DXUF30TN 3kW Portable Fan Heater
  22. Image of Dimplex 2kW Portable Fan Heater
  23. Image of Dimplex OCR20 2kW Oil-filled portable heater
  24. Image of Dimplex OCR15 1.5kW Oil-Filled Portable Heater
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