Dimplex Edel Heat Pumps

Discover the Dimplex Edel Hot Water Heat Pump: Energy Efficiency and Remote Control Convenience

Upgrade your hot water system with the highly energy-efficient Dimplex Edel Hot Water Heat Pump. This advanced heat pump consumes up to five times less electricity than standard electric water heaters, providing significant savings on energy bills. By extracting heat from external air, it efficiently heats water, fitting seamlessly on top of an inner stainless steel vessel.

Take control of your hot water heating with the Dimplex Hub. Through WiFi or Ethernet connectivity, connect your Edel water heater to the Dimplex Hub (available separately) and gain access to the Dimplex Control app. Enjoy optimum performance, economy, and personalized comfort as you remotely adjust and monitor your water heating from anywhere, anytime.

Experience whisper-quiet operation with the Dimplex Edel water heaters. Equipped with a soundproof hood and anti-vibration compressor pads, the hot water cylinder runs virtually unnoticed, ensuring a peaceful environment. Rest easy knowing that the stainless steel tank is backed by a 5-year guarantee, while all other parts are covered by a 2-year guarantee for added peace of mind.

Upgrade to the Dimplex Edel Hot Water Heat Pump and enjoy exceptional energy efficiency, remote control convenience, and reliable performance. Elevate your hot water system to new heights of comfort and sustainability. Shop now and experience the future of hot water heating.

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