Eaton MEM

Eaton MEM global leader in circuit protection including power distribution, popular ranges include Memshield 3, Memshield 2, Glasgow and Excel switchgear and Autoline fuses. Electricpoint is a large stockist of MEM, if you cant find what you are looking for please give us a call.

Product RangeSpecification
Memshield 3 Distribution Boards
Type A and Type B, single phase and three phase distribution
Memshield 3 MCB's Type B, C and D trip curve MCB's, including single and triple pole
Memshield 3 RCBO's Type B and C trip curve RCBO's
Busbar Chambers Compact wall mounted compatible with Glasgow and Excel
Glasgow Fused Switches Commercial fused switches three phase from 100 to 200 Amp
Excel Isolator Switches
Commercial isolator switches, three phase from 32 to 100 Amp
Industrial Fuses Industrial cartridge fuses


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