MK Sentry by CircPro

MK Sentry provides a full range of 18th Edition Circuit Protection Installations. After 12 years of manufacture and supply of MK Sentry Consumer units, CircPro are now the exclusive supply of MK Sentry Circuit Protection to the UK. Trusted by the trades, MK Sentry provides high quality, reliable construction for long-lasting domestic installations across a full range of 18th edition Consumer Units, RCBO, MCB, RCD and a full range of accessories for fast, stress-free installations.

Product RangeSpecification
Consumer Units Metal 18th Edition Consumer Units and Enclosures for domestic installations
RCBO Single Module RCBO for use with MK Sentry Consumer Units
MCB Single Module MCB for us with MK Sentry Consumer Units
RCD Double Module RCD for use with MK Sentry Consumer Units
Accessories Cable and busbars for easy, stress free installations


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