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Heat Detectors

Heat Detectors

Detects changes in temperature and triggers the alarm at 58°C.

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Aico heat detectors react to heat build-up from large flaming fires, so they aren't sensitive to cooking fumes and won't go off when you burn your toast. Heat alarms are ideally installed in kitchens and garages.


Wirelessly interconnect up to 12 Aico detectors using either RadioLINK or SmartLINK technology. SmartLINK compatible devices with fitted modules can provide live text alerts and notifications from an App (IOSGoogle Play). Access detailed reports from a desktop computer for information on faulty alarms, low batteries, end of life and maintenance records. Perfect for landlords. To enable all the SmartLINK features, each property will require a SmartLINK Ei1000G gateway


Aico's Heat Detectors


Model NoSupplyWireless Interconnection
Ei144RC Mains 230V

Yes with a RadioLINK Base 

Ei603RF Battery 3V Yes built in RadioLINK
Ei3014 Mains 230V Yes with SmartLINK Module
Ei3024 Mains 230V Yes with SmartLINK Module


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