Vent-Axia Lot 20 Panel Heaters

Vent-Axia Lot 20 slim and stylish electric panel heaters are a cost-effective solution when choosing your electric heating. They have so much to offer for the value and give you 24/7 control with pre-set timer modes and your own DIY timer functionality. Digital display, slim design, 2 heat output options and full of safety features, this is what would expect from our mid-top range panel heaters, but the VAPH range from Vent-Axia has it all. Complete with all the required wall fixtures, these quick heat convector heaters are a great option for any room in the home, or even offices and work from home environments such as garden offices.

  • Controls: User-Friendly Control Panel
  • Thermostat: Highly accurate thermostat
  • Features: A range of customisable options, safety settings and heating modes
  • Benefits: Open Window Detection prevents energy wastage and lowers energy bills
  • IP Rating: IP24 rated, suitable for use in bathroom zones 1 and 2
  • Warranty: 2 Year

Use our handy table to help you to find the best size heater for your room or shop the range below.

Which Vent-Axia Lot 20 Panel Heater?

When choosing an electric panel heater, it is important to find the right one for the dimensions of your room: otherwise, you may purchase an electric panel heater that is overly expensive for what you need or an electric panel heater that is unable to heat the entire room. Use our estimated Vent-Axia Lot 20 electric panel heater guide* to determine which one is best for you.

Room Size*WattageModel
10m² 1kW VAPH1000
15m² 1.5kW VAPH1500
20m² 2kW VAPH2000


*Room size calculations based on a living room at 21 degC, a ceiling height of 2.4M, cavity walls and one exterior wall. Please visit our electric heater room size calculator for calculations on other room sizes or variations and for details about our free heating design service.

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