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Dimplex Girona Panel Heaters

Dimplex Girona Panel Heaters

Modern glass fronted panel heaters. Quick to warm up and perfect for any room in the home or office. IPX4 splashproof rated allowing bathroom and wetroom installation.

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Dimplex Girona panel heaters are efficient space heaters with highly accurate thermostats. Dimplex GFPBE's in black and GFPWE's in white have built in EcoDesign Lot 20 Compliant Controls that feature:

  • - Complete seven day time and temperature control
  • - Adaptive start technology, optimal startup no wasted energy
  • - Open window sensors

The Girona panel heaters are well known for their elegant glass-fronted finish. Their style and almost silent operation make them ideal for domestic and commercial use.

These panel heaters also wall mount easily on a detachable hinge. This makes installation fast and cleaning simple. The panels are also splash proof so you can use them in bathrooms or wet areas.


These heaters are deemed future proof by Dimplex and after a bluetooth update which will be available in early 2020, they will be compatible with the RFM module and Dimplex hub. This will allow the heaters to work with the Dimplex Control App on tablets and smartphones. Take control of your heating from anywhere and at anytime.   

We sell to consumers and trades people everyday, so give us a call on 0203 994 5470 or send an email to sales@lectricpoint.com.



New White


New Black

Heat Output Dimensions (HxWxD)
Wifi Enabled (From Early 2020)


500W 65 x 530 x 107mm
Yes with RFM and Hub


750W 565 x 530 x 107mm
Yes with RFM and Hub


1000W 565 x 700 x 107mm
Yes with RFM and Hub


1500W 565 x 770 x 107mm
Yes with RFM and Hub


2000W 565 x 940 x 107mm
Yes with RFM and Hub


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