HomeLINK is a multi-award-winning high-tech software platform that uses home integration and analytics to help landlords reduce operating costs and improve resident safety. HomeLINK provides landlords and residents with a range of benefits including:

  • Insights into mould risks, causes and recommendations
  • Fuel proverty indication
  • Real time energy efficiency performance
  • Smoke and CO alarm event alerts
  • Reduced responsive repair call-outs
  • Reduced maintenance and repair costs with early intervention
  • Reduced calls and visits to customers
  • Optimised investments
  • Room for revenue growth with new services
  • Improved indoor air quality/li>
  • Energy bill savings
  • Detection of void properties

How Does HomeLINK Work?



Aico Ei1025 and Ei1020 Environmental Sensors can be installed around the home to monitor temperature, humdity and CO2. The sensors wirelessly connect with the Ei1000G SmartLINK Gateway which enables the collected data to be displayed on the HomeLINK dashboard. HomeLINK data can be viewed on a single standalone dashboard or through integration with an existing property management system. 

The HomeLINK dashboard provides information regarding mould risk, indoor air quality, thermal performance, fuel poverty and carbon footprint through a user friendly analytic platform for landlords and an app for residents. Landlords can view top level information at a glance on the main dashboard or analyse data further to identify issues, ensure legal compliance and plan preventative strategies.

What is the HomeLINK Resident App?

Available on iOS and Android devices, the HomeLINK resident app empowers tenants with personalised data and advice on measures they can take to proactively improve their indoor air quality, reduce the risk of mould and save on their energy bills. As well as being great for tenants, the resident app also benefits landlords by improving the maintenance and health of your properties and keeping costs down through less or earlier intervention. 



We hope that we have helped to answer any questions you may have around the HomeLINK platform but if you do require more information please call us on 0203 994 5470, drop us an email at sales@electricpoint.com or use our Contact Form.