Nuaire Drimaster PIV Units

Nuaire Drimaster PIV Units provide incredibly effective protection against damp and its associated issues in residential properties. PIV units create  positive pressure within the home which forces air pollutants and damp to exit through natural leakage gaps, commonly found in UK properties, whether old or new.

Nuaire Drimaster PIV units are designed to protect homeowners and tenants from harmful indoor air pollutants, ensuring fresh and filtered air inside the home. With long-term health problems linked to indoor air pollution, these PIV systems are the perfect solution to maintain a healthy living environment.

Invented in 1972, Nuaire's PIV technology has been installed in over a million homes, gaining trust and recognition as a reliable ventilation strategy. The Drimaster-Eco range takes PIV technology a step further, effectively addressing condensation while consuming up to 20% less energy compared to other competitors.

The Drimaster-Eco NOX is an exceptional addition to the range, boasting even greater efficiency. It utilises Nuaire's market-leading PIV strategy combined with two carbon cartridges within each ePM10 filter. This advanced system not only eliminates condensation but also filters out harmful pathogens and particles, contributing to a healthier indoor environment. Moreover, it reduces the NOX levels within the home by up to 80%, promoting cleaner air.

Whether you are a homeowner, a landlord, or a social housing provider, the Drimaster-Eco Range offers a variety of model types to suit your specific needs. With 9 different models designed for occupant preferences and house types, its easy to find the perfect fit for your home.

Nuaire Drimaster ECO PIV FAQ’s

How Much Does it Cost to Run Nuaire Drimaster?

How Does Nuaire Drimaster Work?

How to Install Nuaire Drimaster

How to Clean Nuaire Drimaster Filters

Which Nuaire Drimaster PIV Unit is Best for Me?

How Much Does it Cost to Run Nuaire Drimaster?

The cost to run Nuaire Drimaster-Eco range is incredibly low, with Nuaire estimating yearly running costs at around 5-10p per day, depending on electrical supplier, speed setting, and heating element activation.  With filters replaced every five years, maintaining a clean filter ensures optimum performance and reduces energy consumption.

How Does Nuaire Drimaster Work?

Nuaire Drimaster-Eco Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) systems offer the most effective solution for curing and preventing condensation, damp and related issues. The unit introduces fresh, filtered air continuously into the dwelling, encouraging airflow from inside to outside. Mounted in the loft space, the system draws air through filters and delivers it at ceiling level, creating positive pressure that forces air pollutants out through natural leakage gaps in every UK property. This low-energy, whole-home ventilation method protects residents from harmful indoor air pollutants, promoting a healthier living environment. Drimaster models that feature an integrated heater ensures that if the air in the loft falls below a certain temperature, the heater will warm the cold air before distributing it throughout the home.

How to Install Nuaire Drimaster

Follow the steps in the video below for a hassle-free installation of the Nuaire Drimaster PIV System

How to Clean Nuaire Drimaster Filters

To clean the filters on your Nuaire Drimaster follow the steps below: 

1. Ensure the unit is sitting on a solid, stable surface

2. Remove the filters from the unit by gently pulling them from the plastic moulding around the clips

3. Unscrew the retaining plate and keep the screws safe

4. Gently twist out the filter and wipe clean with a cloth

5. Make sure the air intake area is clean by wiping with a cloth

6. Replace your filter back over the central hole and clamp in place with the filter retaining plate, securing with the four provided screws

7. Clip the metal hoop of the particulate filter back into the moulded clips

Which Nuaire Drimaster PIV Unit is Best for Me?

Drimaster ECO PIV Model Number of Storeys Heater NOX Filters For Social Housing Compatible with RH Sensor Compatible with CO2 Sensor Compatible with 2-Way Boost Switch Compatible with 4-Way Boost Switch Controls on Diffuser Controls on Unit Warranty
DRI-ECO-LC 2 No No No No No No No No Yes 5 Years
DRI-ECO-HC 2 No No No No No No No Yes No 7 Years
DRI-ECO-LINK-HC 2 No No Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes No 7 Years
DRI-ECO-HEAT-HCS 2 Yes No No No No No No Yes No 7 Years
DRI-ECO-HEAT-HC 2 Yes No No Yes Yes No Yes Yes No 7 Years
DRI-ECO-3STOREY 3 No No No No No No No No Yes 5 Years
DRI-ECO-3S-HEAT-HC 3 Yes No No Yes Yes No Yes Yes No 7 Years
DRI-ECO-NOX-HC 2 No Yes No No No No No Yes No 7 Years
DRI-ECO-NOX-HEAT 2 Yes Yes No Yes Yes No Yes Yes No 7 Years

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