Towel Rail Heating Controls

Functional towel rail controls by Dimplex.

Dimplex towel rail controllers are the perfect accompaniment to any Dimplex towel rail or bathroom radiator. Whether fitting to a new, or existing, electric towel rail. The control units provide you with basic controls as well as some other great functionality. The Eco mode on the FSCC or FSCW is by far the best function, press this button and the towel rail will maintain a high temperature for 30 minutes, before dropping to a lower temperature for 60 minutes by this time your towel will be toasty warm and dry. This clever Eco function means you cant leave your towel rail on again!

Features Include:

  • Complete control of your towel rail
  • Simple On and Off Switching
  • Boost functions with auto-off

User Tip: Lower the output in the summer to save significant energy whilst still drying your towels efficiently

If you require further information we are only too happy to help by email or call 0203 994 5470.

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  1. Image of Dimplex FSCC Chrome Towel Rail Controller
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