Do you remember when you used to unplug the kettle or the coffee machine to charge your phone or your tablet? And how about those fights with your wife to see who can charge the phone during the night? Well, your dog days are over!

              When USB sockets started to come around a few years ago, everyone got instantly amazed about how useful they were. Nowadays, they are becoming more common, but they continue to amaze us by their utility.

Being able to charge multiple devices at the same time or even when you just have an USB cable has proven to be a major benefit to many people.


              Most people think that installing a USB wall socket is very complicated and a task for an electrician, but the truth is that is not that hard and you can definitely try yourself!

Here is the step by step on what you should do to install a USB socket:

  1. Turn off the consumer unit of the socket you are planning to change – this is very important for your own security;
  2. Remove the screws of current wall socket, check if the socket has been isolated correctly and if there is no electricity going through them;
  3. Unscrew the terminals and remove the earth, the live and the neutral wires;
  4. Get your new USB wall socket and screw the terminals back in appropriate entrances;
  5. Screw the USB wall socket back in the wall and it’s done!


The whole process take around 20 minutes and only need a screwdriver and a plier. You can also watch the video tutorial below, which shows you the process step by step conducted by a professional.



If you are still unsure about what brand you want, Electricpoint recommends Hager Sollysta WMSS82USB USB socket. Not only a topselling product and brand, Hager have been in the market for many years and is a great option for both homes and businesses.