Wiring a plug is one of those DIY activities that seems silly and simple to do until you actually try to do it, right?

It all starts to get complicated when we realise that is not just about inserting a single wire into a plug. To start with, there are actually three wires (earth, neutral and live) to plug and they all have to be plugged in the appropriate terminals.

On top of that, you will also need a screwdriver, a Klein tool and little bit of time to wire your plug. It’s definitely a good piece work, and it might not be as simple as you initially imagined.

But don’t panic, Electricpoint is here to help you, and we will provide you a step-by-step guide on how to wire a plug.

  1. Undo the screw that holds the plug together
  2. Identify which is the earth, the neutral and the live connections (traditionally Earth is yellow and green, neutral is blue, and live is brown)
  3. Remove the insulation protection off from the three cables carefully in order not to damage them, and making sure you will have enough length for all of them to fit into the plug
  4. Adjust each cable to the correct length
  5. Take the insulation off the end of each of the three cables using a Klein tool
  6. Undo the terminals that will accept each cable and push each wire into the plug
  7. First connect the live, then the neutral and finally the earth cable into their respective terminals
  8. Cover back the plug and it’s ready to use

If you’re still feeling as lost as when you started? There is no need to worry, here’s a video where a handyman takes you through all those steps again in detail:




If you’re still having trouble rewiring your plug, then when it comes to electrics we wouldn’t recommend poking around in unknown territory for too long. Call in a professional electrician to make sure the job is done to a high standard. If you’re based in London we’d recommend www.aspect.co.uk for high quality and professional service!


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