Vent Axia Silhouette 100

The Vent Axia Silhouette 100 series offers a range of stylish and functional bathroom extractor fans designed for exceptional performance with a low profile.

At just 17mm in depth, the Silhouette 100 boasts a remarkably slim profile that seamlessly integrates into your bathroom walls or ceilings for a discreet look. A variety of mounting options allows installation on walls, ceilings or windows, making it an ideal choice for bathrooms with limited space.

Despite its slim design, this bathroom extractor fan delivers an impressive airflow rate of 21 l/s, effectively removing moisture and odors from your bathroom.

The range provides various activation options to suit your preference, including the popular Vent Axia Silhouette 100T which features a built-in adjustable electronic overrun timer (5-30 minutes) that allows the fan to continue running after you switch it off, ensuring complete ventilation.

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