Creda TSRE Storage Heaters

A range of super efficient, slimline storage heaters with intelligent advanced ecodesign compliant controls. Built to last, the TSRE range is the perfect upgrade for your current night storage heating requirements.

Creda TSRE storage heaters are manufactured in the UK using the latest technology. Advanced fully 7 day programmable controls coupled with an advanced energy saving management system the TSRE economy 7 electric storage heaters (commonly known as night storage heaters) maximise the use of *off peak electricity to produce a super low cost electric heating solution (Lot 20 EcoDesign Compliant). *Economy 7 electricity tariff required please contact your energy supplier for more details.

The Creda TSRE high heat retention storage radiators replace older models Creda TSR Sensor Plus, Slimline and the Combi storage heaters, and rival the Dimplex storage heaters with features and build quality.

INSTALLER TIP: Creda TSRE's are not direct replacements for other Creda storage heaters, installation now requires two electricity feeds, the off the peak supply to store energy and the on peak feed to power the controls, electronics and boost. The off-peak electricity heats the high heat retention storage heater core by night, allowing the heat to be efficiently dispersed during the day. The peak supply must be connected via a switched fused spur with a suitably rated fuse. The off-peak supply should be fitted with a a 20A double pole switch.

Creda TSRE Specification Sheet
Creda Storage Heater Instructions
Creda Heating Brochure

Now is the time to upgrade an existing storage heating system at the lowest cost, order a Creda TSRE from today, storage heaters at the best online prices in the UK.

If you just need some help, would like to take advantage of our Price Promise or perhaps have a large order to place. Give our team of professionals a call on 0203 994 5470, drop us an email at or use our Contact Form.

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