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Dimplex XLE Storage Heaters

Dimplex XLE Storage Heaters

Advanced Electric Storage Heaters with Stylish Looks and Reliable Performance.

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Dimplex XLE slimline night storage heaters with integrated EcoDesign Compliant controls part of the ERP directive called Lot 20. All DuoHeat, XLS, CXLS (automatic and combi ranges) are being discontinued from January 2018. The new XLE storage heater range is a super efficient heating system that has very low running costs primarily because it maximises the use of *off peak electricity. Five different heat outputs to choose from between 500W and 1500W and all with the same advanced intellligent controls.


- Complete seven day time and temperature control
- Digital, backlit display with bubble buttons and audio feedback
- Simple to use controls, very easy to read and adjust
- Battery back up with replaceable 3.3V coin type battery (5 Year Life)
- Open window technology, heater can detect open windows or doors so stops heat and wasted energy
- Adaptive-start, set the desired room temperature the heater warms the room with precision efficiency
- Dynamic storage capacity - Automatically adjusts to user requirements
- Controllable electronic heat output to match user lifestyle
- Quiet fan assisted heat output
- Good heat retention and responsiveness in SAP
- Vastly improved aesthetic design
- Designed as an easy retrofit replacement for the XLS, CXLS storage heaters


Model No. Heat Output Room Size*


1500W 11 m²


1250W 9 m²


1000W 8 m²


700W 5 m²


500W 4 m²


*Room size calculations based on a living room at 21 degC, a ceiling height of 2.4M, cavity walls and one exterior wall. Please visit our electric heater room size calculator for other rooms or variations and for details about our free heating design service.


Please note: Please note the latest EcoDesign Lot 20 compliant storage heaters require separate on-peak and off-peak electricity supplies. The peak supply is connected via a switched fused spur with a fuse rating suitable for the appliances flex. The off-peak supply provided via a 20A double pole switch. Please contact your energy supplier for more information.


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