Dimplex XLE Storage Heaters

Advanced Electric Storage Heaters with Stylish Looks and Reliable Performance. Dimplex XLE Storage Heaters are energy efficient and benefit from a quiet, fan-assisted output which evenly distributes heat.

XLE Storage Heaters "remember" a room's heating requirements in order to limit excess energy use and keep energy costs down. A Boost function also allows you to override any settings and allows the heater to constantly emit heat. If the stored heat runs out, the heater will use mains energy to create extra heat. 

Another great feature of the XLE Heaters is the open window detection function. The heater will continually monitor the room temperature, if there is a rapid change, such as a door or window opening and letting a draft in, the heater will stop emitting heat and only resume once the temperature of the room has stabilised. This helps to reduce energy waste and keep bills lower.

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Electricpoint are proud to be an official Dimplex partner and leading nationwide distributor

The XLE range of slimline storage heaters also features easy-to-use controls and a RGB backlit graphical display. An integral digital controller and an accurate electronic thermostat allow for precise, seven-day time and temperature control.

A common issue with conventional storage heaters is heat leakage. Dimplex XLE Storage Heaters have been designed to greatly reduce this leakage making them much more energy efficient and ensuring that there is enough stored heat to cover programmed times.

Dimplex XLE Storage Heaters are also Eco designed and are Lot 20 compliant.

Key Features of the Dimplex XLE Storage Heaters Include:

  • Harness off-peak electricity tariffs for low running costs
  • Delivers variable, programmable room temperatures with three seven-day timer profiles
  • Digital backlit display
  • Easy to use controls
  • Open window technology
  • Adaptive start function
  • Dynamic storage capacity according to user requirements
  • Over Heat Protection
  • High-density cells dynamically store and use energy within a slimline design
  • Fan assisted to quickly, quietly and more effectively distribute heat
  • Lot 20 compliant

Which Dimplex XLE Storage Heater is Best For My Room Size?

Model No. Heat Output Room Size*
XLE150 1500W 11m²
XLE125 1250W 9m²
XLE100 1000W 8m²
XLE070 700W 5m²
XLE050 500W 4m²

*Room size calculations based on a living room at 21 degC, a ceiling height of 2.4M, cavity walls and one exterior wall. Please visit our electric heater room size calculator for other rooms or variations and for details about our free heating design service.

Please note: Please note the latest EcoDesign Lot 20 compliant storage heaters require separate on-peak and off-peak electricity supplies. The peak supply is connected via a switched fused spur with a fuse rating suitable for the appliances flex. The off-peak supply provided via a 20A double pole switch. Please contact your energy supplier for more information.

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