Creda CAR Radiators

Creda CAR aluminium wall mounted oil filed electric radiator for consistent heat distribution. Stylish, discrete design coupled with a splashproof IP24 rating makes them a perfect addition to any room in the home.

These Creda radiators are fully programmable; intelligent, energy efficient controls allow you to set a heating schedule that’s perfect for you, and the highly precise thermostat means temperatures are accurate within 0.2°C.

Recommended model for room size:

Model No.Room Size New Build InsulationRoom Size Average InsulationRoom Size Poor Insulation
CAR033 8m² 5m² 3m²
CAR050 13m² 8m² 5m²
CAR075 19m² 13m² 8m²
CAR100 25m² 17m² 10m²
CAR150 38m² 25m² 15m²
CAR200 50m² 33m² 20m²

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  1. Image of Creda Radiator CAR033 0.33 kW Electric Heater White
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  4. Image of Creda Radiator CAR100 1 kW Electric Heater White
  5. Image of Creda Radiator CAR150 1.5 kW Electric Heater White
  6. Image of Creda Radiator CAR200 2 kW Electric Heater White
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