Rointe D Series Radiators

Rointe claim that their D series of electric radiators are “quite possibly the best electric radiators in the world” with their new curved design, optimised air convection and slim line aluminium material.

Rointe’s wifi ready D series, which gives the smart electric radiators more functionality and helps you on the way to achieving full home automation. The electric heaters connect with your computer, tablet or smartphone through the use of E-Life technology and are operated via Rointe Connect App. The key features of the Rointe Connect App are real time consumption reports, individual control of Rointe products, recommendations on energy consumption and notifications on weather reports. Additionally, the electric heaters allow you to lock the electric heaters remotely, which makes them ideal for use around children.

Rointe’s D series uses low energy consumption, Fuzzy Logic energy control technology which increases energy efficiency through a more precise and stable heat output. Therefore, saving you money on your heating bill. The Rointe D series range is designed to be environmentally friendly with its open window detection, energy efficiency indicator and contains biodegradable thermal fluid. Compatible with AIR remote control (not included), the electric radiators are ideal for home and office spaces.

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