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Vent Axia Lo-Carbon Revive SELV 7 extractor fan with humidity sensor, timer and pull cord for bathroom or kitchen. Continuous operation in trickle mode provides constant ventilation preventing condensation and mould build-up while using only 1.4W of energy. Low voltage (SELV) makes it safe to install in bathroom Zone 1 (IPX7).

Boost Speeds of 15, 30 and 60 litres per second setting gives you the flexibility of use and ensure adequate ventilation when needed.

Smart Sense technology provides daily energy use and operation data, with a clear LED display.

Hybrid propeller, 12 pole motor and Muli-Vortex technology make this extractor fan very efficient, using less energy compared to conventional fans and also boasts a silent decibel level of only 15dB in trickle mode.

Lo-Carbon Revive SELV 7 is the only extractor fan on the market with 3-digit lock to prevent tampering making this a great option for landlords, as well as offering peace of mind with the 7-year warranty.


High-power with low-cost

Hybrid motor combined with Multi-Vortex technology provides more power (up to 60l/s) with less energy use compared to other conventional extractor fans. Energy use is as low as 1.4W on Trickle Mode costing you only £0.02 per day*.

Low maintenance

The Revive SELV 7 extractor fan is filterless and modular, making it easy to maintain. The 12-pole motor design also makes this extractor fan extremely reliable and energy efficient. Designed to meet the needs of social housing.

Low noise

The bellmouth air entry and saw-tooth blades are carefully designed to make this fan super quiet when running.

Prevent mould and condensation

The continuous running feature keeps a constant flow of ventilated air, preventing the build-up of moisture and mould in the house. The humidity sensor engages the boost mode for when moisture build-up increases such as shower time or when cooking, keeping condensation at a safe level.

Smart Sense technology

Review data such as days run, time on trickle or boost and how much energy was used via the user-friendly LED digital display to ensure optimum efficiency and feedback for ongoing use.

Multi-Vortex technology

8-chamber conical cylinder specially developed to create more efficient air pressure which helps repel dirt, enabling the fan to be filterless.

Different Modes to suit your needs

User-friendly settings via 3 simple buttons help you to select different installation modes, including: Bathroom, Kitchen, Ducted or Through the Wall.

Tamper Proof

The only extractor fan on the market with a 3-digit lock which prevents tampering, an ideal solution for landlords.


Revive SELV 7 extractor fan is made of recyclable ABS plastic and features a modular design that allows you to replace any faulty components without needing to change the whole fan. This helps to reduce waste whilst also saving money and time in the event of a fault.

Features of Vent Axia Revive SELV 7 Extractor Fan:

  • Daily cost of running as little as £0.02*
  • Continuous operation allows a room to be constantly ventilated using the trickle speed setting
  • Suitable for use in the bathroom or in the kitchen
  • Safe to use in bathroom Zone 1 - IPX7 rated
  • Optional front tile facia
  • 7 year warranty
  • Datalogger - record hours run on boost or trickle for a full energy usage breakdown
  • 3-digit anti-tampering feature
  • Efficient and high-performance hybrid impeller design uses only 1.4W in trickle mode
  • 12 pole motor enhances reliability and smooth operation
  • Saw-tooth blades provide whisper-quiet operation
  • 8-chamber conical cylinder creates better air pressure making it more powerful than conventional fans
  • Easy installation- choose the desired mode using 3 simple buttons and an LED display
  • Smart Sense technology: Review feedback from the data log of run time and boost mode usage via the LED display
  • Multi-Vortex technology - No filter required
  • Humidity sensor detects moisture levels in the air, combatting the build up of condensation and mould
  • Modular design allows you to replace components instead of replacing the whole fan.
  • Boosted by the built-in humidistat, pullcord or by the switch live function. 
  • Timer adjustable for 1-30 minutes
  • Designed to comply with Building Regulations document F
  • Low noise level from only 15dB(A) on trickle to 47dB(A) on full boost 
  • Wall or ceiling mounted
  • Height: 193mm
  • Width: 193mm
  • Projection depth: 132mm
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Made of recyclable ABS plastic
  • Made in Britain
  • Model number: 473849

*Based on the average of 21h per day running in trickle mode and 3h per day running in boost mode. Energy cost of £34p per hour per kW.

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Product Downloads Specification Sheet
Brand Vent Axia
Range Lo-carbon Revive
Model Revive SELV 7
Manufacturer Part Number 473849
Product Type Extractor fan
IP Rating IPX7
Material Recyclable ABS Plastic
Colour White
Modes Available Kitchen, Bathroom, Ducted, Through the wall (chosen upon installation via LED display)
Mounting Type Wall, Ceiling
Control Type Pullcord, Humidity Sensor, Switched Live, Timer, Remote Button
Number of Chambers 8
Blade design Saw-tooth
Impeller Type Hybrid
Air Entry Type Bellmouth
Number of Motor Poles 12
Trickle Speed 6-13l/s
Boost Speed 15l/s, 30l/s, 60l/s
Lock Function Built-in 3-digit anti-tampering lock
Humidity Sensor Yes
Timer Yes
Timer Adjustment 1 - 30 minutes
Display Type Alpha Numeric LED
Data Type Gathered Days run, hours on boost, hours on trickle, Energy usage
Technologies Used Smart SenseTM, Multi-VortexTM
Filter Type Not Required
Cover Type Discreet Tile
Maximum Airflow Rate m3/h 216m³/h
Maximum Airflow Rate l/s 60l/s
Voltage 12V
Extractor Performance 1 Trickle Low - 9l/s
Extractor Performance 2 Bathroom Boost - 15l/s
Extractor Performance 3 Low Kitchen Boost - 30l/s
Extractor Performance 4 High Kitchen Boost - 60l/s
Power Consumption 1 Trickle Low - 1.4W
Power Consumption 2 Bathroom Boost - 2W
Power Consumption 3 Low Kitchen Boost - 6W
Power Consumption 4 High Kitchen Boost - 26W
Sound Data 1 Trickle Low - 15dB(A)
Sound Data 2 Bathroom Boost - 21dB(A)
Sound Data 3 Low Kitchen Boost - 33dB(A)
Sound Data 4 High Kitchen Boost - 47dB(A)
Running Cost per Day* £0.02
Running Cost per Month* £0.37
Running Cost per Year* £4.40
Fan Speed Settings 3 Speed
Height 193mm
Width 193mm
Depth 132mm
Required Cut Out 99mm
Total Product Depth with Facia 162mm
Building Regulations Complaint Document F
Awards BCA 2019, H&V News 2017
Warranty 7 Years

*Based on the average of 21h per day running in trickle mode and 3h per day running in boost mode. Energy cost of £34p per hour per kW.

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