GU10 Bulbs

From all rooms within the home to corporate offices and commercial spaces, GU10 lamps are widely used in common light fittings. LED GU10 bulbs provide an alternative to halogen GU10 bulbs while still maintaining a high-quality lighting solution, without damaging the environment. Due to the use of LED technology and 230V power output, GU10 lamps can dramatically help reduce the cost of your electricity bills.

What are the benefits of using LED GU10 bulbs over traditional halogen bulbs? 

LED GU10 lamps have risen in popularity over traditional halogen GU10 lamps because of their efficiency and reliability. The benefits include:

  • LED GU10 bulbs up to 90% less energy than halogen bulbs
  • LED GU10 bulbs up to ten times longer than halogen bulbs
  • LED GU10 bulbs produce little heat
  • Energy efficient providing reduced electricity bills
  • Easy to replace

How often do I need to replace LED GU10 Lamp? 

LED GU10 lamps have a long-life expectancy and can give you many years of service. Many light manufacturers estimate up to 30,000 hours of average usage with the average household using a single bulb for 750-1000 hours a year. A typical LED GU10 lamp consumes 5-watts of electricity compared to a whopping 50-watts of electricity from a standard halogen lamp.

Which LED colour temperature should I choose? 

While LED GU10 bulbs come in warm white, cool white and daylight, the one you choose is completely down to you. The warm white temperature has yellowish hue which can give a cosy effect to a room. It’s a popular lighting style for living rooms and bedrooms. Cool white is more pure white and daylight is commonly found in offices, retail stores and dental surgeries.

Can I dim LED GU10 lamps?

Dimming LED bulbs with traditional triac and leading edge dimmer switches has historically been a issue as they can flicker, strobe or buzz. However, Zano Controls have developed a digital dimming solution, providing smooth, flicker-free and silent dimming that is compatible with all LED lamps. Zano controls systems use learn and adapt technology to understand a room's circuit load and adjusts it accordingly to the lighting requirement of the room. Perfect for installation in homes, offices, restaurants and conference rooms. 

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