Rointe have released their new D series range of electric heaters which they believe are “the best electric radiators in the world.” We have decided to explore why the new features of the Rointe D series make these electric radiators the best on the market.


The Rointe D series are more than just radiators, introducing wifi control, smartphone integration and packed with energy efficient technology. These are an impressive upgrade to the traditional electric heater we were used to only a few years ago. The introduction of Lot20 encouraged energy efficiency, and Rointe have really embraced this, encouraging the user to improve their energy consumption and carbon footprint.


One of the D series key features is the smartphone integration, allowing you to take control of individual radiators, but also other products in the D series range such as towel rails. How Rointe’s wifi enabled radiators work is simple.


Are the electric radiators wifi ready?


Using E-Life technology, the D series just requires you to connect your electric radiator through a home or office router.


Are they compatible with my Smartphone?

Rointe D series can be operated through a smartphone via Rointe Connect App. No additional gateways or intermediate terminals are needed, everything you need is built into the electric radiators.


What can I do with the App?

Using E-Life technology and Rointe Connect App, the intuitive electric radiators will enable the user to access real time consumption reports, provide recommendations on energy consumption and notifications on weather reports.


Not only does the D series range of radiators allow the user to create precise heating schedules tailored to their requirements, it also uses True Real Power to give detailed statistics of individual products, giving the user the power to optimise your heating output and deliver cost savings.


Another key feature of Rointe’s D series range of electric radiators is their in-built Fuzzy Logic Energy Control. Developed by Rointe and available with Rointe’s Kyros series, the low energy technology is able to save the user money by providing energy optimisation and temperature stabilisation.


How much energy will I be saving?

Fuzzy Logic Energy Control technology is able to save the user 6% of energy consumption compared to previous Rointe products.


Do the electric radiators include smart heating controls?

Fuzzy Logic Energy Control predicts the amount of energy needed to reach the desired temperature and generates micro-cuts in the energy consumption to maintain a stable temperature.



How much energy does it take to maintain my desired temperature?

Once the user’s optimal temperature has been achieved, the electric radiators require only minimal energy to maintain desired temperature.


Together with high purity aluminium and biodegradable thermal fluid, Rointe’s D series range of electric radiators enables the user to heat their homes more economically and to use a product that is less harmful to the environment than traditional oil filled radiators.


In conclusion, Rointe’s D series range of products will provide you with the efficiency needed to reduce energy consumption, improve carbon footprint and keep energy costs down. We have large stock availability of the new Rointe’s D series products for fast delivery. Buy online now or call to place an order on 0203 994 5470. Alternatively, you can email us