Rointe Electric Radiators are changing the way consumers control and use heating, utilising modern technology to save money and reduce costs. With multiple ranges - including Rointe Kyros, Rointe Belize, Rointe Palaos, Rointe D Series and Rointe D Series Towel Rails - it can be difficult to decide what option is best. Here we will explore the various benefits Rointe electric radiators offer, explain the new innovations, what improvements they provide, and help to decide which Rointe product is the most efficient for you.

What Are The Main Differences Between Each Rointe Range?

The Rointe Kyros electric radiators are reliable and affordable, making them a popular choice. Controllable via a panel or an infrared remote, these user-friendly radiators are simple to install and easy to interact with. More advanced models have other features, such as built-in Wi-Fi and App Connectivity, including the Rointe Belize and Rointe D Series ranges. While these two ranges may seem similar, there are a few key differences: the D Series has slightly more efficient energy-saving technology, while the Belize range is designed for consumers on a budget, with an emphasis on affordability.

Rointe D Series Electric Towel Rail is intended for use in a bathroom, with a body that allows towels to be draped over it, making it perfect for heating the room while keeping your towels dry. Similarly, the Rointe Palaos range has a physical feature that makes it unique: a long, narrow design. As a result, this radiator can be used in tight spaces where traditional radiators would be too large to fit, ideal for smaller offices or homes - though the Palaos range's sleek style is a welcome addition to any space. 

Is My Rointe Electric Radiator Wi-Fi Ready?

Rointe's Belize and D Series ranges - including the D Series Towel Rails - all have Wi-Fi built in, without the need for an external hub. E-Lite technology connects directly from the radiator to smart devices, for high-speed transmission. Additionally, Wi-Fi allows your radiators' settings to be regularly and quickly updated, giving access to the most up-to-date software. Connect via a home or office router to enjoy full control of the radiators and take advantage of additional features that can help you to reduce costs and save energy.

Is My Rointe Electric Radiator App Compatible?

All of the ranges that are Wi-Fi connectable (Belize, D Series, D Series Towel Rail) are also controllable over Wi-Fi using the Rointe Connect App. Available on iOS, Android, or as a Web App, control all the Rointe radiators at home or in the office from the same place: change them at any time from anywhere in the world. A useful smart guide helps to connect new radiators to the app, making installation simple. Use a smartphone, tablet, or smart speaker (using Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa) to change heating settings conveniently.

On the app, create rooms and zones to have different heating timings and temperatures in various parts of the home or office. Heating modes can be set that activate on arriving home, or settings that differ depending on who is in the house: the app communicates with the heaters to ensure the most efficient heating. A weather prediction system detects when a change in weather is due, allowing time for temperature settings to be updated.

True Real Power is an integrated consumption meter available on the Rointe Belize, D Series and D Series Towel Rail. Send the real energy consumption information from these radiators to the Rointe Connect App, keeping track of your energy usage and making it easy to adjust your heating. Rointe Connect App can tell exactly the level of energy consumed using an efficiency meter, providing a range of statistics that can help to save energy and money. Enter a tariff price to see how much you are reducing costs using Rointe radiators when compared to traditional heaters. Use the information to see where more energy is being spent than is needed and adjust the heating settings accordingly. Discover the Rointe Connect app and how it works, or learn how to connect it to your devices

What Energy-Saving Technologies Do Rointe Electric Radiators Have?

All Rointe radiators have eco-friendly technology integrated to ensure reliable heating while reducing energy consumption. Features such as Open Window technology - which detects when there is a sudden decrease in temperature and stops using energy so that it is not wasted unnecessarily, through open doors or windows - are integrated across every range, but each product line has unique features that improve the way in which energy is used and money is saved. Additionally, all Rointe Radiators are manufactured with ECODESIGN regulations and are Lot20 compliant

Fuzzy Logic Energy Control is available with the Rointe D Series and Rointe Kyros electric radiators. With an incredibly accurate thermostat, it predicts the amount of energy needed to reach the desired temperature, gradually increasing for maximum energy efficiency. Once this temperature has been achieved, micro-cuts in energy output are generated, reducing the amount of power spent while maintaining the heat needed. This saves a further 6% of energy and uses only 38% of the nominal power. Rointe Belize uses a different version of the same technology, Optimizer Energy Plus, that on average uses only 40% of the nominal power, utilising intelligent microprocessors to spend energy efficiently. All three of these ranges also benefit from Thermal Fluid Tech, providing lower consumption and more balanced energy dissipation, while incorporating up to 25% more thermal fluid than other products on the market.

Rointe Palaos vertical radiators have Liquid Stone Tech, which injects gel that then solidifies around the heating elements within the radiator. This ensures better heat distribution and that oil is unable to leak out. Optimum Flux Tech is used in the Rointe D Series Towel Rails - improving the circulation of the liquid inside the bars of the towel rail, this technology helps to transfer the heat from that liquid to the exterior of the radiator.

Which Rointe Electric Radiator Is Right For Me?

Obviously, when trying to decide which range is the most efficient in terms of energy conservation and cost reduction, there is no clear answer. It entirely depends on what you need the heater for, how much space you need to heat, and why you need the heater: each Rointe radiator is designed for a different purpose. However, by using this guide you can hopefully see which radiator makes the most sense for you. By looking over what each product can offer you may end up saving yourself money and energy. Remember to check our detailed room size guide for heaters to help you to make an informed decision about your purchase.

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