how to set up your Dimplex Quantum heater

The Dimplex Quantum range is one of our most popular storage heater ranges. This guide demonstrates how to set up your Dimplex Quantum heater and adjust the settings to suit your requirements manually. The latest Quantum heaters can be controlled via the Dimplex Control App when used with the Dimplex Hub. This allows you to control your heating remotely at any time, from anywhere with a Wi-Fi or mobile data connection.

Setting Up a Dimplex Quantum Heater:

To begin, ensure the heater is turned on at both wall switches. It’s best to keep these switches on constantly. This means that the low power programmer and intelligent charge function stay active, it does not mean that the heater will constantly emit heat. Also make sure that there is a gap of at least 30cm between your heater and any object in front of it to prevent a fire hazard.

Next, locate the controls on the top right of the heater underneath the flap. Dimplex Quantum controls consist of a dial which can be both rotated and pressed, three buttons - Menu, Back and Advance - and a digital display screen.

The main display will show the current target room temperature, minutes of off peak charge from the previous night - shown in brackets - the current set timer mode and the current operating status of the heater (displayed as “comfort on” for active heating and “comfort off” for heating inactive). Press the dial to wake the display screen if it is blank.

To activate and deactivate the child lock press the dial and back button simultaneously for five seconds. It is also possible to set a PIN code to lock the heater in the settings menu.



Setting the Date and Time on a Quantum Heater:

Press the Menu button, rotate the dial to highlight “Date/Time” and press the dial to select.

The day setting will be highlighted. Turn the dial to change the day and press dial to set

Continue the same process through date and time options. The clock is automatically updated when the clocks change in the Spring and Autumn.



Setting the Temperature on a Quantum Heater:

To adjust the target temperature, simply rotate the dial clockwise to increase the temperature and anticlockwise to decrease. The heater will automatically turn off when the room reaches the set temperature.

It is important to remember to set the heater back to your normal desired temperature before midnight to ensure that the heater stores the right amount of heat overnight for the following day.



Selecting and Setting Timer Modes on a Quantum Heater:

The Quantum heaters benefit from four timer modes and a frost protection setting to control when the heater is active.

User timer: Allows you to select four periods of operation

Out all day: Provides 7.5 hours of heating per day, divided between the morning and evening

Home All Day: Provides 13 hours of heating per day

Away: Allows you to set a desired temperature for the amount of days you are away to reduce the heating output for this period.

Frost Protect: Maintains a room temperature of 7°C.

1. To set a timer mode, press the Menu button, highlight ‘Timer Modes’ by rotating the dial and press down to select.

2. The timer mode menu will then be displayed with the currently active timer mode highlighted. Rotate the dial to highlight desired timer mode and press to select.

3. The menu of the selected timer mode will appear displaying “Select”, “Preview” and “Modify”.

4. “Select” will activate the timer mode, “Preview” will enable you to see the current settings of the timer mode without making any changes and “Modify” will allow you to change the settings of the timer mode.

The default settings of each timer mode are shown in the table below:

Period 1Period 2Period 3Period 4
Home All Day 08:00-21:00 - 21°C
User Timer 06:30-09:30 - 21°C 11:00-13:00 - 21°C 15:00-17:00 - 21°C 18:00-22:00 - 21°C
Out All Day 07:00-08:30 - 21°C 17:30-22:00 - 21°C


Using the Advance Button on a Quantum Heater:

The Advance button changes the comfort (heating) status of the heater. If the heater is in “comfort off” mode but heat is required, pressing the Advance button will activate the heating. This causes the heater to use stored heat and will decrease the amount of heat available for later in the day. If the heater is in “comfort on” and heat is no longer required, pressing the Advance button will deactivate the heating.



Activating the Boost Setting on a Quantum Heater:

The Boost setting activates an electrical heating element located behind the grille at the bottom of the heater. This setting does not use stored heat so will use electricity at the current rate and is recommended for use if the heater has been depleted of stored heat.

To activate the Boost setting press the Menu button, turn the dial to highlight “boost” and press to select. The Boost menu will then be displayed allowing you to choose the amount of time you wish the Boost setting to be active for. Highlight your desired duration with the dial and press to select.

The Autoboost option will set the element to heat automatically once stored heat is depleted.



Further Help Setting Up Dimplex Quantum Heaters:

We hope that this guide has helped you to set up your Dimplex Quantum heater, however, if you need further assistance you can download the full Dimplex Quantum Operating Manual, call one of our friendly team on 0203 994 5470, email us at or use our Contact Form.