The importance of the home is enshrined in popular culture, by everyone from Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz to E.T. Whether you have a large family house or are a student living out of one room, everyone wants to feel cosy and safe when they arrive home, and one of the biggest barriers to this can be rooms that are too cold.

Chilly rooms are a curse visited upon all kinds of houses. In population-dense cities like London it's becoming ever more common for wily landlords to turn anything with four walls into a bedroom, meaning many sleeping quarters lack basic amenities like radiators. Big old houses however, may be more aesthetically pleasing but have ancient central heating systems.

Whatever the cause, a room that just won’t warm up is no fun. That’s why Electricpoint recommends storage heaters, a cheap and powerful way to heat a single room or your whole house.

Storage heaters are specially designed to store heat and thus operate using cheaper electricity. By accumulating heat during off peak hours, such as when you’re at work or asleep, it's able to provide more cost effective heat when you need it most.

This makes storage heaters kind to your wallet, but also easy on the environment. They heat up quickly and powerfully so make an ideal solution for a room with no radiator, or a home which needs a bit of extra help to warm up.

Another great feature of storage heaters is how quietly they run. If you crave peace at the end of a long day, or if you prefer your favourite tv programme wasn't interrupted by the gurgle of a temperamental heating system, rest assured that the enveloping warmth is the only sign the heater is there. Storage heaters are also completely self-sufficient and require no annual maintenance - if only everything in life was as easy to manage!

So which storage heater should you go for? One of our best sellers is the Dimplex QM150RF, which is slim and stylish. A similarly high performance option is the Dimplex QM70RF. A trusted model which promises to save up to 15% of the energy used by ordinary storage heaters is the Creda TSRE. Alternatively, shop the full range here.

Whichever model you go for, a storage heater is sure to solve the problem of cold rooms and turn your home into a cosy sanctuary. Electricpoint are always happy to advise on which product is best for you, so please feel free to give us a call on 0845 601 3338.