The Project EV Pro App is a unique charging platform that enables you to make the most of public charging capabilities. It empowers users to efficiently manage and control multiple chargers, opening up opportunities to generate a continuous revenue stream.

The user-friendly and intuitive dashboard of the Project EV Pro App allows you to easily monitor the activity of your chargers. By reviewing comprehensive data and analytics, you can uncover new avenues for generating revenue. Additionally, the RFID feature allows you to assign designated charging tags to staff, facilitating a hassle-free workplace charging system. With a simple swipe of a card, you can streamline the monitoring of expenses, leading to improved cost efficiency.

The Project EV Pro App is the ideal solution for your business in the following scenarios:

1. You are aiming to streamline expense monitoring and enhance cost efficiency. The app can facilitate this by assigning designated charging tags to staff. This allows for a straightforward workplace charging scheme where expenses can be easily tracked with a simple swipe of a card.

2. You intend to establish a charging network as a charge point operator or expand your existing e-mobility services with a robust charging infrastructure.

3. You operate a fleet of electric vehicles and require an effective means of managing access and usage of your EV charging stations.

4. Your business offers EV charging services to customers or visitors at your premises.

5. You have multiple charging stations and require an integrated hardware and software solution to effectively manage them.

6. You oversee free EV charging stations and would like to exert control over access and collect payments, while also managing expenses for remote chargers.



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