What is an Inline Fan

What Are Inline Fans Used For and How Do They Work?

Inline fans offer a powerful, discreet solution to ventilating high moisture areas such as bathrooms to help prevent condensation and mold growth.

Inline fans are installed in the roof or loft space above the bathroom with ducting running from a discreet grille in the bathroom ceiling to the fan's extract spigot and then from the exhaust spigot of the fan to the external grille which is generally situated discreetly under the eaves. It is also possible to combine lighting with the internal grille with kits such as National Ventilation UMDTKLED and Airflow AV100T, providing an attractive and practical feature to the bathroom.

Are Inline Fans Better Than Wall Mounted Extractor Fans?

The most powerful 4-inch wall mounted extractor fan Vent Axia Lo Carbon Response 7 provides an extraction rate of up to 126m³ Per Hour / 35 Litres Per Second, whereas the three most popular inline fans provide extraction rates of up to:

Manrose MF100T - 245m³ Per Hour / 68 Litres Per Second

Envirovent Silent SILMV160/100T - 180m³ Per Hour / 50 Litres Per Second

National Ventilation UMD100T - 187m³ Per Hour / 52 Litres Per Second

As you can see, inline fans provide a more powerful extraction rate which is ideal for ventilating more humid, moisture laden environments.

The impeller design of inline fans is commonly referred to as "mixed flow", meaning the fan combines centrifugal and axial impellers for improved airflow and performance. This means that inline fans are able to be installed in longer ducting runs and cope with bends in ducting without a significant effect on performance.

Wall mounted extractor fans tend to require installation on an external wall which may be located some way away from where the steam and moisture is generated. However, the extraction grille can be installed directly above the shower or bath to extract moisture at the source which dramatically decreases the likelihood of condensation and mold formation. This is the case regardless of where in the roof the fan is able to be situated, offering installers flexibility to ensure maximum performance. Some inline fans such as the Vent Axia ACM Range are also suitable for vertical installation, offering even more configuration options.

The installation of inline fans generally does not require installers to "make good" as it requires just a simple hole for the extraction grille in the ceiling.

Which Inline Extractor Fan is Best for Me?

No two properties are the same and it is important that all necessary factors are considered before the correct product for your home can be selected. For more information to help you to decide which inline fan you may need, you can download the ventilation building regulations guide which provides information on the appropriate extraction rate for your room and handy checklists to make sure that your installation follows all guidelines.

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