Convector Heaters

Ideal for heating individual rooms in the home, convector heaters work by circulating heated air throughout the room achieving a comfortable heat in a short amount of time.

Convector heaters help you to save money and energy by only heating the space that is required, rather than the whole home. Plug in portable convector heaters make it quick and simple to heat each room at the desired time and their rapid warm up time means that they don't need to be left running for a long time before the room is comfortably heated.

Our range of electric convector heaters includes both wall mounted and freestanding models, providing a choice of portable and space saving options. All Dimplex convector heater ranges offer models with a selection of simple to use controls which provide maximum energy efficiency and precise temperature control. Models include those with timers and fan boosts and all are available in a range of kW options.

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