Marlec Solar iBoost+ Solar Immersion Diverter & Controller

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Introducing Solar iBoost+ from Marlec, the latest automatic water heating device for PV system owners that helps save energy and money. With increased efficiency and extra functions, you can enjoy even more savings on your energy bill. And with the iBoost+ Buddy, you can conveniently monitor and control Solar iBoost+ from the comfort of your own home.

Installed in over 45,000 UK homes, The Solar iBoost+ features multiple key functions that make it a smart and reliable investment. With its rapid response to varying home consumption and changing weather, the device ensures that it only uses excess solar generated power that would usually be exported. It can also connect to two boiler immersion heaters, switching between them automatically to maximize electric water heating systems. The device displays real-time information, such as "Heating by Solar 1.6kW," and historical energy-saving figures at the push of a button. With a simple programmable timer, the Solar iBoost+ can work in harmony with your existing water heating system and offers separate winter and summer settings.

The Solar PV immersion diverter also comes with a built-in boost override switch that keeps you in control, so you can top up your hot water in 15-minute increments up to 2 hours straight from the grid if required. The wireless sender eliminates unsightly and costly wiring, while the LED's give an instant visual indication of the system in operation. Investing in the Solar iBoost+ is a smart choice that not only helps you save on your energy bills but also contributes to a greener planet by generating your hot water from solar panels.


How it works:

1. Using just a single clamp installed at the household meter, the sender transmits vital export energy information to the Solar iBoost+ wirelessly.

2. Solar iBoost+ is activated when excess energy is available. It intelligently controls and adjusts the flow of energy to the immersion in proportion with the fluctuating export levels.

3. Water is heated during the day using excess energy only up to the immersion thermostat's setting. You can top up if required from usual heating methods or using the Solar iBoost's grid power functions.


Installation is quick and easy, as the Solar iBoost+ fits neatly next to your water cylinder, wired simply between a fused spur and the immersion. No need to change your standard immersion heater up to 3kW. Upgrade your home with the Solar iBoost+ today!

Got more questions? We've put together a handy guide to answer the most frequently asked questions about the Solar iBoost+

Key features of Marlec Solar iBoost+ Immersion Controller:

  • Automatically Consume Surplus Solar Generated Energy at Home
  • Intelligently Controls and Adjusts the Flow of Energy to the Immersion Relative to Fluctuating Export Levels
  • Rapidly Responds to Varying Home Consumption & Changing Weather to Ensure Only Excess Power is Used
  • Features Connections for 2 Immersions, Switching Between them Automatically
  • Uses a Single iBoost Sender Clamp Installed Near the Electricity Meter
  • Easy Installation - The iBoost Console is Installed Next to Your Water Cylinder, Wired Between a Fused Spur & the Immersion
  • Wireless Sender Eliminates Unsightly Wiring
  • Displays Real-Time Information & Historical Energy-Saving Figures at the Push of a Button
  • LED Lights Provide an Instant Visual Indication of Operation
  • Simple Programmable Timer Enables Solar iBoost+ to Work in Harmony with Existing Water Heating Systems
  • Separate Winter and Summer Settings
  • Built-in Boost Override Switch Allows top ups Direct from the Grid in 15-minute increments up to 2 hours
  • Ready to Connect Wirelessly to the Buddy if Added at Installation or a Later Date
  • CE Compliant
  • 2-year Warranty
  • Dimensions: 288x255x100mm
  • Weight: 1.95kg


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Product Downloads Solar iBoost Installation Manual, Solar iBoost User Manual, Solar iBoost Brochure
Model Number iBoost+
Brand Marlec
Product Type Solar PV Immersion Diverter
Installation Domestic
Operating Voltage 220-240Vac
Frequency 50Hz
Control Type 1B.Pulse Width Modulation
Max. Load 13A Resistive (Max. 3kW Immersion)
Number of Load Connections 2 (Cascading)
Cut in Threshold 100W Export Maintained
Rated Impulse Voltage Withstand 4kV
Insulation Properties Pollution Degree 2 IEC 664
Ambient Operating Temperature 0-40°C
Operating Radio Frequency 868.3MHz or 915Mhz
Power Consumption 1-3W
IP Rating IP20
Cooling Fan Thermostatically Controlled
Mounting Center Hook with 2 Bottom Screws
Cable Entry Points Rear & Underside of Unit
Interface & Controls Backlit 32 Character LCD Screen, Push Buttons for Display Cycle & Programming, Wireless Connection to Optional iBoost Buddy+, Red LED Warning, Blue LED Operting Indicator
Boost Function Push Button Controlled, 15 Minute Increments up to Max. 2 Hours
Programmable Timer 2 x Switches Per Day with Seperate Weekday/Weekend Programmes. Summer & Winter Settings
Programmable Languages English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German
Battery Low Warning LED & On Screen
Dimensions (HxWxD) 158mm x 225mm x 92mm
Weight 1.37kg
Standards & Compliance EN60730-2-7, EN301 489-3, EN300 220, EN60335-1, EN55014-1, EN55022
Warranty 2 Years


 iBoost+ Sender & Clamp

Model Number iBoost+ Sender & Clamp (Included with iBoost+)
Brand Marlec
Installation Domestic
Operating Radio Frequency 868.3MHz or 915MHz
Radio Range 1-30M Indoors - Dependent on Construction & Local Conditions
Operating Ambient Temperature Range -5°C to 40°C
Clamp Cable Size 25mm²
IP Rating IP40
Battery Type 2 x AA
Battery Life Cycle Up to 2 Years
LED Indicator Green Flashing LED Indicates Transmission
Mounting Centre Hook
Dimensions (HxWxD) 75mm x 95mm x 35mm (Excluding Clamp)
Weight 0.6kg
Standards & Compliance EN60950, EN 301 489-3, EN 300 220
Warranty 2 Years


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Customer Reviews

Overall Rating
5 Star
Review by
I wanted to share my experience with the iBoost. I am trying to save money in the current economic climate and this product has been a game changer. I've seen a significant reduction in my energy bill since I started using it. I love how the device shows real-time information, like how much heating is being done by solar power. Overall, I would recommend the Iboost to anyone looking to save money
Overall Rating
5 Stars
Review by
Very pleased so far, quick installation and already seen marked improvement on gas usage. Controls are simple and the wireless connection is proving strong so far across a few internal walls.

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