Vent-Axia SVARA Silent Bathroom Extractor Fan 4 Inch Lo-Carbon

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The Vent Axia Svara is a silent, 4 inch, smart extractor fan that can be controlled through the Vent-Axia Connect App via Bluetooth.

The Vent-Axia Connect app allows users to easily adjust an array of features and settings, providing complete control over the fan's use. Adjustable features include a completely customisable humidistat and light sensor, an abundance of speed and extraction rate options, control over the optional delay and overrun timer, and the ability to activate a 15-minute boost.

The app also makes installation for Electricians simple by providing options for intermittent or continuous ventilation; humidistat trigger options and overrun timer settings.

This silent extractor fan runs at just 17dBA and benefits from an IP44 ingress protection rating, making the Svara perfect for use in kitchens, bathrooms (zone 2) and utility areas. The Svara extractor fan is also highly energy efficient operating at only 4W.

The Svara benefits from a sleek, modern design and is easy to clean by simply removing the central module from the rest of the fan and wiping with a soft cloth.

Light Sensor

With the light sensor is enabled Svara will sense when a person is in the room through light and shadow detection and will then activate. Enabling the delay-on option means the fan will not be triggered during quick night time bathroom visits. The light sensor is also able to distinguish between car headlight flashes and room occupancy, meaning it will not be triggered by passing cars and avoids nuisance running. The sensitivity of the light sensor can be adjusted via the App.


The Svara humidistat responds to sharp changes in humidity, such as when someone is taking a shower. When set to continuous running, the fan will run at 30l/s when the humidistat is triggered and will return to 10l/s when the humidity range returns to normals. Ambient humidity changes will not trigger the humidistat.

Silent Scheduling and Automatic cycles

The silent scheduling function allows the boost function via the app to avoid overnight noise. Additionally, the Svara can be set to "airing mode" if you are away from the house for extended periods of time, such as a holiday. The airing mode operates a purge function every 12 hours for either 30, 60 or 90 minutes. However, thanks to Svara’s sophisticated design, the fan will not purge if the light sensor detects that there is someone in the house.

Features of the Vent Axia Svara Smart Extractor Fan Include:

  • 4 inch continuous or intermittent extractor fan
  • Controlled via Vent-Axia Connect App - Android and IOS
  • Energy efficient Lo-Carbon motor that runs at as low as 4W
  • Silent operation at as low as 17dBA
  • Humidity sensor boosts air flow when high humidity is detected (sensitivity adjustable in App)
  • Light sensor boosts fan when light movement or shadow is detected - optional delay and overrun timer (sensitivity adjustable in App)
  • Airing mode boosts fan every 12 hours when you're away (selectable in App)
  • Manual boost increase extraction rate for 15 minutes (available in App)
  • Silent hours setting allows you to select times when you don't want fan to boost
  • App can be used to control multiple devices in multiple rooms across a property
  • Will run at factory settings if not setup with App
  • Can be mains powered or 12V, making it suitable for caravans, mobile homes, and boats
  • Module can be disconnected from motor for easy cleaning
  • Suitable for use with both rigid and flexible ducting
  • Trickle extraction rate: 10l/s - 19l/s (adjustable in App)
  • Light sensor boost extraction rate: 19l/s - 25l/s (adjustable in App)
  • Humidity sensor boost extraction rate: 25l/s - 30l/s (adjustable in App)
  • Minimum IOS requirements: IOS 7
  • Minimum Android requirements: OS 4.3
  • Diameter: 177mm
  • Depth: 81mm
  • Guarantee: 5 years

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